Joan asks about our recommendation of IncrediMail

By | February 19, 2011
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Joan asks about our recommendation of IncrediMail
TC and EB You Are The Best! Cloudeight is a Godsend! I have sent you a few queries in the past, and you have responded quickly and succinctly. I thank you for those times. When I made to switch from Windows XP to Windows Vista…then Windows 7, I finally had to let go of that EXCELLENT….WONDERFUL Email program OUTLOOK EXPRESS. At that time, you had found that Incredimail had ‘cleaned up its act’ somewhat, and not only endorsed their Email program, but also designed stationery compatible with their program. I am asking you now, whether you still feel that same comfort with them as you did back then…OR, are you beginning to become disenchanted with them? I ask this because I am getting sick and tired of their interference with my Email program usage. More, and more interruptive advertising is becoming not only disruptive….but constant updates or upgrades are causing me problems with my PC’s performance and settings.

I remember you were at one point working on the development of an Email program like OE, but found that it was a very expensive project, and weren’t sure whether you could actually deliver. Are you still in the process of this….or have you put it aside because of economic conditions still being bogged down and expansion at this point is difficult for any business….let alone a small (GREAT) one like Cloudeight? Oh, how I wish I were a wealthy person….instead of just an ordinary old age pensioner with pennies becoming harder and harder to pinch in half…..I would love to say,”GO FOR IT! I WILL SPONSOR YOU!” But I can’t say that. What I wonder, though, is this: Might you be able to launch a fund drive that we faithful, appreciative members of Info Ave Newsletter could donate towards the realization of your dream to create an Email program that would allow us to use stationery and enjoy our Email once again as we used to with OE??? I would also like to know if there is another Email program that!

Our answer
Hi Joan. Thanks for all the nice comments! You’d have to be a very wealthy person to fund the development of such a complex email program such as Outlook Express. When we looked into it, to hire the staff we’d need to develop a program like Outlook Express would cost well over $300,000. That’s almost as much as EB makes! No! No! No! I’m kidding. Really I am kidding. There hasn’t been much in the way of extra funds these past few years – there’s just no way we’d ever be able to raise that kind of money. Even if we could, security would constantly need to updated and that would cost money. An email program like Outlook Express would become a money pit for us – and we’d surely be taken down with a project that expensive and that complex. So we put it aside. If one of us ever wins the Mega Millions, we’ll have an email program for you. Otherwise… sorry!

As for our recommendation of IncrediMail, we’ve not changed our opinion. However, we never recommended the free version of IncrediMail because, as you so vividly point out, it’s adware. And anytime you install adware you have to put up with the ads – and some adware is tantamount to spyware. We’re not saying that free version of IncrediMail is spyware but it is loaded with ads. Actually we only recommend the premium version of IncrediMail – which is, of course, not free. You either pay for IncrediMail with aggravation caused by the ads or you pay for it with money – but only once.

Our Vista/Windows Mail stationery works in Thunderbird, an email program by the folks that make Firefox. Thunderbird is free and any of our stationery for Windows Mail will work in Thunderbird. Thunderbird is a program you might want to look into if you’re not willing to buy IncrediMail Premium. If you’re interested you can learn more about Thunderbird here. If you’d like instructions as to how to use our stationery with Thunderbird, please see this page.

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4 thoughts on “Joan asks about our recommendation of IncrediMail

  1. Melody

    I love the premium edition of incredimail that you recommended after I lost my outlook. I think it was a one time license and very reasonable. I think its great!!

  2. Merle

    I have been using Incredimail Premium for approx. 7 years, I’ve always loved it, but since I upgraded to Incredimail 2 Premium, it crashes each time I try to open an attachment thru Windows Media Player, (which most of mine are) , it comes right back on, but, it is so aggravating, Incredimail tried to correct this, but that has not happened, this has been going on for 2 years now, I do not think they know how to correct this.
    Thanks for letting me know about Registry Mechanic, I love it, I am seriously thinking about getting reimaging , my computer is very slow. Thank you so much for the newsletter.

  3. Nicola

    Thank you to the two of you for educating us for the past years. I would have been totally lost had it not been for your wonderful advice. However I’m a bit confused right now regarding your recommendation of Registry Commander as you have always recommended Registry Mechanic and on account of that I bought it too. I find it a most useful program and I’m very satisfied with it. Please explain to us why this sudden change of heart and please tell us what the difference between these programs is.
    Thank you once again for your patience and assistance.

    1. infoave Post author

      We had been getting many letters from those who used PC Tools programs – Spyware Doctor and Registry Mechanic about their change of policy – specifically charging users’ credit cards annually when the annual renewal was due. While it is true, users can opt-out of that when they purchase Registry Mechanic or Spyware Doctor for the first time, it falls into the category of “fine print”. You really have to know what you’re looking for before you’d actually notice it.

      And lately we’ve been reading a lot of mail from users who are complaining about PC Tools slow support. Some users’ didn’t get an answer from PC Tools for days, others didn’t get an answer at all.

      Finally, it seems PC Tools is going the way of Norton and McAfee who figure the more stuff you put in a suite the more you can convince people you just buy one product and it does everything for you. It’s never that simple and there isn’t any suite that does everything well. In fact, software suites are perfect example why the old axiom, “Jack of all trades, master of none” became an axiom.

      Registry Mechanic has gone from being a world-class registry cleaner and optimizer to being an all-in-one solution for everything. It’s a direction we don’t like. But even so, had it not been for the automatic charging of users’ credit cards and the lack of good, timely support, we may well still be recommending Registry Mechanic. But we found something else, something that we felt was better and safer, something that does not attempt to be a one-program-does-it-all type of program: Registry Commander.

      Registry Commander is a registry cleaner and a registry optimizer. It focuses on being the best registry cleaner and optimizer and nothing more. And the company that makes it, provides users with excellent, courteous, timely support. And Registry Commander doesn’t charge users’ credit cards automatically. It seems the company that makes Registry Commander has enough faith in their product they feel customers will actually want to renew their subscription. We think this shows respect for their customers as well as faith in their product.

      I hope this addresses your concerns and answers your questions.



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