40+ Places to Get Free Food on Your Birthday

By | March 6, 2021
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40+ Places to Get Free Food on Your Birthday

Over 40 restaurants from Baker’s Square to Zio’s offer free food for you on your birthday. While you may not be dining out much now during the pandemic, it looks like within the next few months we’ll see life getting back to normal, or at least we hope so.

So, for our fun stuff this weekend we’re featuring “40+ Places to Get Free Food on Your Birthday” from Clark.com

“If the day you were born is coming up, what better way to enjoy it than with free birthday food?

“Tons of restaurants offer free birthday meals. Check out the list below to find a complimentary meal!

“This article covers the places where you can get free food on your birthday all around the United States — hopefully you can find one of your favorites near you!

“…Most of the restaurants listed require you to register for their free birthday meal promotion before your birthday comes around. To avoid spam, you may opt to use an alternative email address when you sign up rather than your primary one.

“…Also, some deals will vary according to where you live. Make sure to verify with the restaurant in your area that they honor the birthday deal before you head out!

Here are some of the most popular national chains that offer free birthday meals, followed by a more exhaustive list featuring those and other national and regional chains that give freebies…”

Before we give you the link to Clark.com’s “40+ Places to Get Free Food on Your Birthday“, here’s a link to a tip on how to create email aliases right from your Gmail account.

Now, how about free food on your birthday!  Just go to this page and make sure you’re hungry when you do!

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