5 Easy Tips We Use Every Day

By | July 9, 2019
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5 Easy Tips That We Use Every Day

There are hundreds of Windows tips around, in fact, there are thousands on this site. But here are 5 Windows tips we use almost every day. These tips save time and are super-easy. Today,  we’re going to share these five with you.

1: Bring up the Lock Screen in Windows 10

If you press the Windows Key + L, it will bring up the lock screen in Windows 10.  If you use a password Windows Key + L will “lock” your Window 10 PC until you enter your password or PIN.

2: Make any word or phrase a hyperlink

If you want to make a link out of a word or a phrase, like “Visit our InfoAve Website“, it’s super easy to do. Select the word or words you want to make into a hyperlink and press CTRL+K. A dialog will appear. In the dialog type or paste the URL (web site address) and press Enter. If you did that correctly, the word or words you highlighted are now a clickable hyperlink. This works with most word processors and email programs. It also works in Gmail. Try it!

3: Open a new instance of a program with just the click of your mouse

Did you know on most computer mice, you can click the scroll wheel? You can and we call the “middle mouse button”. If you middle-click on the taskbar of an open program, it will open a new instance of that program. Try it. It works with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Edge Dev, Notepad, File Explorer (Windows 10), (Windows Explorer in Windows 7), Thunderbird, and many other programs. In fact, it will work with any program that allows multiple instances to run.

4: Open Task Manager with a keyboard shortcut

Just press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and Task Manager will open.

5: Hide all open windows in a hurry

If you want to clear all open windows from your screen quickly, press the Windows Key and the M key; to reopen them again, press Windows Key+SHIFT+ M.

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