A Cure for the Bluescreen Blues?

By | October 15, 2020
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A Cure for the Bluescreen Blues?

Bluescreen Blues - Cloudeight InfoAve

How many of you know that Microsoft has a page to help you troubleshoot BSODs (Blue Screens of Death)?

If you are getting Bluescreens, you’ll want to give Microsoft’s Bluescreen troubleshooting page a try.

If you’re getting errors like these:

Bluescreen blues - Cloudeight

Then visit the Windows 10 Bluescreen Troubleshooting page and answer the following question:

Bluescreen blues - Cloudeight

And the interactive Windows Bluescreen troubleshooter might be able to help you identify the problem and correct it. 

If you’ve got the bluescreen blues, try the Windows 10 Bluescreen Troubleshooter.

2 thoughts on “A Cure for the Bluescreen Blues?

  1. mr roger savage

    my friend trys to download vidoes but gets green screen how do you get rid

    1. infoave Post author

      I can’t answer this question because I don’t know what a ‘green screen” is, and I don’t know what program your friend is trying to use to get videos. BSODs are not green screens.


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