A customer is ripped off by NETWEBSALE – not LastPass

By | July 9, 2011
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Earlwana chastises us for promoting LastPass
You wrote about LastPass once before and, because I had shopping for a new password manager, I immediately followed your advice. I downloaded the trial version and gave it a run. As soon as I realized it was an online manager I uninstalled the program. I am not comfortable using any online storage of sensitive information and, when asked, gave that as my explanation for not keeping the program.

When I viewed my Master Card statement for that month I found I had been charged $66.81 via NETWEBSALE.COM. I was not aware that I had agreed to purchase the LastPass Pro version. I have not heard from LastPass and I don’t expect to hear from them.

I have not requested a refund because I doubt I would get a refund. Nor do I expect you to do anything, I just want you to be aware that you are promoting a company of questionable integrity.

Our answer
First of all, we’ve never referenced LastPass Pro in any of our articles – in every case we’ve referenced LastPass Free – it’s what we use and what we recommend, though we’re sure that LastPass Pro is a fine product and it does offer some additional features we don’t think are necessary. That being said — it’s important that whenever you’re buying a product or a service it’s essential that you buy the product from a reputable company. LastPass is a reputable company – but it’s clear you did not buy LastPass Pro from them.

LastPass Pro only costs $12.00 a year, $24.00 for two years, etc. You would have had to go through a checkout process – on the Last Pass site and given your credit card information and number to them to purchase LastPass Pro. There would be no charges on your credit card other than the $1.00 a month charge for LastPass Pro.

You should contact your credit card company immediately and file a complaint for an unauthorized charge. Whatever you bought – it was not LastPass Pro. One of the nice things about shopping online is if you’re defrauded, you are not liable for a single penny. You need to get your money back right away.

There’s no telling who NETWEBSALE.COM. is, but if you did not give that company your credit card info, then you need to contact your credit card company immediately and have that charge removed from your bill. There are all kinds of reports of NEWWEBSALE.COM scams, ripoffs and spam. We’ll be reporting on this scam in a future article.

We have not, nor heard of, any problems with LastPass; we are 100% sure that LastPass is not connected with the charge to which you refer.

We continue to recommend LastPass. The free version will work great for most of you. If you opt for the Pro version, it’s $1 a month.

4 thoughts on “A customer is ripped off by NETWEBSALE – not LastPass

  1. Jancie M.

    After reading all your info about LAST PASS, I immediately followed the link you gave us and switched all my passwords over to them. WHAT A GREAT FIND…it’s so nice not to have to remember so many passwords anymore! THEY detected a problem on their site once and shut it down until the issue was totally resolved.

    I think so highly of LAST PASS that even though I don’t have to upgrade, I’m going to do it just because I think those folks should make some sort of money for their fantastic product!!

    If you recommend something, I’ll always try it because I know I can trust Cloudeight! Thank you so much for continually educating me so I can be more computer savy.

    Keep up the GREAT work!

  2. Harold

    I think your answer about last pass was just the correct answer , How could they have been billed without them giving them the credit card info , I guess they want to blame their stupitity on you .They should read what you send us.

  3. Roy Leggett

    I play games on line and when you sign in or out you have to be careful and watch what you are doing. Some sites have different items already checked for you, such as buying magazines and games, so you have to uncheck these items before you hit enter. It’s your responsibility to watch what you sign into, not Cloudeight. It’s the old spill coffee o yourself and blame McDonalds. Always somebody elses fault.Cloudeight does a great job. Keep up the good work. Arizona loves your website.


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