A New One-Click Fix Scam Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

By | November 5, 2019
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A New One-Click Fix Scam Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

Whenever I get a bit of extra time, I go surfing looking for new things. And once in a while, I see an ad for a scam that I’ve not seen before. To make sure I browsed for a couple of hours the last 3 days to see a new one-click wonder scam was heading your way. In 3 days, I’ve seen this advertisement at least 5 times – it appears as a popup ad.

Let’s look at the advertisement unannotated.  As you can see it promises to fix your Windows computer in one click.  And you’ll note it appears to have the blessing of Norton and Microsoft. How can this be? A one-click fix with the blessings of Microsoft and Norton that makes your computer just like it was the day you bought it?

Cloudeight InfoAve Scam Warning

Let’s look closer and see what all this really means. I’ve annotated some main points of interest. We should call this “The Anatomy of a One-click Fix Scam”.

Cloudeight InfoAve Scam Warning

The program doesn’t tell you it’s not free. The catch is you download it and run it and even if your computer is clean as the first winter snow, it will find hundreds of errors. Of course, if you want to fix them, it’ll cost you.

Oh, the promises these people make!

“Your computer is again just as clean and fast as when it just bought.”

Really? I suppose this means they’re promising your computer will be just as clean and fast as when you first bought it. I really doubt that – how about you?

“The elements to be cleaned and the Windows errors to be recovered are automatically detected.”

Really? Why would you want to recover Windows errors?

“With one click you can clean up your computer and fix any problems.”

Really?  Fix ANY problems? One click? Want to buy some beach-front property in Nebraska?

“And again: Your computer will be just as fast as when it just bought it.”

Obviously, English is not the first language of these fine folks.

This one-click wonder is coming to a computer screen near you very soon. I expect it will popup on Facebook shortly if it hasn’t already. 

Forewarned is forearmed … Don’t fall for “OneSafe PC Cleaner”. It’s a one-click fix scam. And the only thing it’s good for is taking your money.

We want you to be safe. And we don’t want you losing money to scammers who try to trick you into downloading and buying worthless softwware like this tricky one-click fixer.


5 thoughts on “A New One-Click Fix Scam Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

  1. D.

    People see what they want to see and that above just looks like a quick fix for a headache they have.

    Thanks for showing this.

  2. JonInOz

    Hi TC & EB,
    An excellent discovery and a positive warning to the ‘click-click before they read’ unwary computer users, as in believing spam to be food in a can.

  3. James Sparks

    I cannot receive emails. Can you do anything on your end?
    I have the winter cleanup and the annual computer repair service you offer.
    I would appreciate and help. Thanks, Jim Sparks


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