A scathing review of our “cloud” edition newsletter

By | August 6, 2011
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Patti’s scathing review of InfoAve Premium, Issue #406 (The cloud issue)
(It) Saddens me to see comments and assumptions by you folks that because some us are not jumping on the “cloud” computing band wagon or jumping right into the “replace everything computer” every month in order to keep up with technology has something to with our unwillingness to “accept change” or apparently, according to the “study” you shared we’re too stupid to change.

Well, I’m glad to know you folks are rolling in enough money to keep up with all the breaking technology. Millions of us aren’t.

For some reason us “stupid” low “IQ” folk think feeding our families and trying to keep a roof over their heads is more important than wasting precious little monetary resources on new computers every couple of months.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s millions of folks who cannot even afford internet service let alone the luxury of every new gizmo that’s out.

I really used to appreciate your perspective . .. what saddens me is the obvious lack of respect and even more obvious assumptions and judgments you make regarding the realities of some of us who have been loyal customers since you started this little empire of yours.

These days, I find your responses are often demeaning in tone and mean spirited in word use.

God forbid any of us might actually be less privileged than you and frankly do the best with what we CAN AFFORD.

Our answer
We never mean or intend for our words to sound mean-spirited. Usually if receive any comments at all about our word choice, it’s that we’re too wordy and too silly sometimes. I don’t recall anyone ever referring to us as “mean-spirited”.

We never said or inferred most of the things you accuse of saying. We’ve never called anyone “stupid” – that’s for sure. We were in no way telling anyone to “jump on the bandwagon” of cloud computing. It is our opinion – and the opinion of many others – that in the future you may have little choice, and that’s the point we were making. We were careful to state we are not endorsing the cloud, promoting the cloud, or encouraging the use of the cloud. We were simply showing people what’s available to them right now, in the cloud. If educating people as to the options available is jumping on the bandwagon, then we’re guilty.

As far as rolling in the money – we are not. That’s for sure. To be honest, we’re barely keeping our heads above water right now. Every week we face a struggle. We suffered during the first phase of the recession and we’re suffering during this phase. We have cut our expenses as far as we can. But we promise you, we’re having serious financial woes as are many small business and families. We are certainly not rolling in the money. It’s strange that you have to have money to keep up with technology. Since you have an Internet connection and a browser, you have exactly the same access to the tools we use to keep up with breaking technology. That’s right. We use a free web browser and read about new technology from free sites on the Web. We don’t pay anyone for any of the information we find and relay to our readers. We don’t know why you think it costs money to keep up with breaking technology.

You’re reference to “low IQ” was unfair. That statement did not come from us. It was from a newsbyte – a story on an Internet news site about the results of a study which showed IE users had lower IQs than users of other browsers. We found it interesting – but we don’t agree with it. We featured it because it was new last Friday. It was also featured in USA Today and on CNN and probably in hundreds of other newspapers and news shows. I really doubt that anyone reporting on the study were agreeing or disagreeing with it. They were just reporting it, as were we. It is very unfortunate that you think we posted that newsbyte because we agree with it; we most certainly do not.

Your comments are filled with untrue remarks, saying we are a “little empire”, “rolling in the money” and our we make “assumptions and judgments”. Our small business is far from a “little empire”. We don’t understand what assumptions and judgments you refer to. The facts are the facts. The cloud is growing because it gives people the convenience they want. Not everyone feels that way. Some people don’t need the convenience of the cloud – just like not everyone needs the convenience of a smart phone. Computers will become more cloud-based. That’s not an assumption or a judgment – it’s a fact. Google’s Chrome operating system will be featured on several models of laptops coming out this September. Windows 8 will, in large part, be based on Windows 8 Mobile OS – a cell phone operating system, which in part, is cloud-based. Whether you like it or not, whether we like it or not, the cloud will become more and more a part of our computing lives. Just because we point that out, does not mean we’re jumping on the bandwagon – or even that we’re proponents of the cloud.

Finally your last statement about what you can afford, confuses us. Every single cloud-based application and service we featured last week was free. Cloud-computing does not mean increased costs. We never suggested anywhere in Issue #406 – or ever – that you need replace your computer every couple of months. That doesn’t make sense; that would never be necessary. We never said anyone had to use any of the cloud-based applications or services we included in Issue #406. Far from it. We simply showed our readers some of the many cloud-based applications that we found useful, and thought maybe our readers might find them useful as well. Every one of them were free – or offered a functional free version.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. We respect your opinion, but we certainly don’t agree with it. It’s hard for us to imagine where you got some of the ideas you related in your email. We’re really sorry that you think we’ve changed, that we’re rolling in the money, that we have a little empire and we have become imperious — or that we look down on anyone. We have not changed. We still respect every one of our subscribers. We are not proponents of the cloud, we’re not encouraging or discouraging the cloud. The cloud is growing whether you or we like it or not – and more and more we’re going to be using it whether we really like it or not. Widnows 8 will be more cloud-based than any Windows before. Google’s Chrome OS will be featured on laptops for sale beginning next month (September 2011) – and it is completely cloud-based. And this is only the beginning. We have nothing to do with this trend. We are simply the messengers – we are not encouraging it or discouraging the cloud. It is what it is. The fact is the cloud is growing rapidly.

We published your comments and questions because many folks think that they are being forced into the cloud – but they’re not. At least not for now and probably not for a few years yet. It’s our job to keep our readers informed; to make everyone aware that cloud is growing and it’s going to become more and more a part of our computer lives, for many it already is.

We’re not pushing you or anyone else into the cloud. We are not jumping on the bandwagon. It is just a fact that the cloud will continue to grow. The cloud is nothing new – anyone who uses or has used Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, or Gmail – and anyone who is or has been members of forums or bulletin boards – have been using the cloud right along.

20 thoughts on “A scathing review of our “cloud” edition newsletter

  1. Patricia Francis-Wilson

    I am known as patti to many people so I have alerted my buddies and tweeters not to listen to this writer who uses Patti – because she is not ME

    1. infoave Post author

      There are many Pattis in the world, I’m sure the Patti that wrote to us, is not you 🙂

      1. Vincent

        I read the persons assessment and her opinion of your issue #406 with interest. I am neutral in the letter and reply. With the exception of the statement by you that you are “Too Wordy and too Silly” at times. I do agree with you.
        I also thank you for allowing me the opportunity to agree with you. BUT, yours is yet the best newsletter on the net.
        Vincent Fricano

  2. Patricia/Patty

    If this “Patti” was so bothered with things, as she said, then why couldn’t she just not get online or NOT go to this site????

    If she was in a bad way, she did not need to share it with the world.

    Your response was good and not nasty back to her. I perfectly understand about things being not so great financially. She was being unreasonable.

    Another “Patty”

  3. Diane

    Wow! I need to go back and read Issue #406 again…I missed all the demeaning and attacking that Patti says happened. Seriously, I think that Patti was having a bad day, for which I am very sorry. I sincerely hope that she’s feeling better today…and I also hope that she won’t find me to be demeaning or patronizing.

  4. Stan

    Thanks for explaining the cloud so clearly. I’m sure the “Patti” who wrote the scanting comment was overloaded with all the negativity/stress that bombards us everyday and had to unload on someone. Unfortunately, TC & EB were the closes targets. You guy’s are doing a great job of helping the greater community of computer users. Thank You.

  5. SherryLee

    I am so appreciative of your newsletters, both the daily and the premium, and am truly blessed by them. They are very educational and helpful. Thank you for keeping us informed and up to date about the cloud and what’s happening in the computer world. Keep up the good work, and know there are those of us who really do appreciate you and your efforts. Thank you!


  6. Linda Povey

    I read that letter from “patti” and was amazed at the comments she had. I have never felt like you two were pushing “anything” I still can’t figure out where any of her comments came from. I have felt for all these years you were the only ones I would ever trust to give me advice on my computer and have so appreciated your talents that have allowed me to really enjoy my computer. I’m 68 and have had a computer since I was 58 and have been with you two that whole time, and in my opinion, what would our lives be without some of your stories and also your funny comments from time to time. I’m so thankful to have you both in my life so to speak and hope you are able to continue to be. I enjoy all the really cool freebies and I have tried to help you all these years by buying lots of your ebooks and other goodies you have been willing to offer us usually with a discount. I’d say you are both pretty special people! keep up the good work. I would miss you if you were gone.

    Sincerely, Linda

  7. Ellie Tone

    I am going to “assume” that Patti is angry with her life and misdirected that anger to you. I disagree with everything she accused you of. I love your newsletters!

  8. Jean

    Hi I think all your advice is great,
    have saved all your news letter since,
    #27719 May 2007 and I go back to them when I am stuck on some thing,
    I think “patti” is a very stressful person at the monent, I hope her days get better. I have also just subscribed to your lifetime InfoAve Premium News Letters, so keep up the good work Oh yes and I am waiting for my, USB 2.0 Expandable Memory Card Reader to arrive
    Cheers Jean C from down under NZ

  9. Rose Wilson

    Thanks for all the advice you have given all us. You have helped me understand so many things that I didn’t know.
    Always anxious to get the e-mails!
    Thanks you so much.

  10. Carolyn

    Not only do I look forward to each and every InfoAve newsletter, I love the freebies you’ve already tested. Considering Patti’s uncool remarks, I was very impressed (as I always am with you) at your clean, concise, and very professional response. She was out of line and, I’ll bet, didn’t expect her scathing remarks to be published for the rest of us to read. Nothing demeaning in that either. Keep up the good work. Choices are out there every day…we can choose to receive your newsletters or not; read them or not; believe them or not. I’m a believer…purchased and downloaded ReImage and am smilin’ ear to ear. *Hugs* to you both for such a wonderful job!

  11. Shari

    Well, here I am again, this time in agreement with most of the folks who have written in, and, though I have my own small issues with you – (not the least being your apparent belief in redundancy) -I do not in any way condone Patti’s comments concerning you or what you have to offer us. I, too, am sorry she is having a bad time, but I ask myself,when was the last time that I had a bad time and expected my world to forgive, allow for, or accept my bad time as somehow being THEIR fault or THEIR responsibility to make it “all better”. I do hope that she can find another newsletter that will make her happy, and more importantly, that neither of you spends a sleepless night of upset over her accusations.

  12. Joan

    “I 2nd that motion.” …. This is my response to Patti’s hurtful comments to you. And, of course, I mean that my motion is aligned with all the responses from your membership who appreciate and trust your advice and opinions about what is happening in our mind-boggling internet experience. I don’t know of any other source of info that I trust, except yours. I pray that we will not lose you to the economic disaster …. yes! disaster …. that we are suffering through. And I hope that those undeserved accusations from Patti are not leaving scars. It is pretty hard to take such diatribes as Patti’s when you are doing such a wonderful, selfless service to others. And I am very impressed with your response to her. As some have said, maybe Patti is suffering a really tough experience right now, and should be forgiven for her diatribe. If that is the case then I hope she comes through allright. Whatever….You have a more faithful and thankful followers than Patti. Gaod Bless you and help you in your endeavours. I would not want to be without you!!!!!

  13. Mary

    The wonderful thing in the computer world or cloud or whatever, is that there is a delete button and choice of what you wish to receive/read. Patti get over yourself and in the future use your grey cells BEFORE you send the message/email.
    I have been a very long time subscriber to Info Ave Premium and have, over time found it a most helpful resource even htough Yahoo only allows me to receive it intermittently


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