About the New Free Emsisoft Browser Security Extension

By | January 4, 2019
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About the New Free Emsisoft Browser Security Extension

If you use Emsisoft Anti-Malware as your security software and you also use Chrome or Firefox browsers, it’s very likely that you’ll see a popup while you’re browsing asking if you want to install the new free Emsisoft Browser Security extension. We wanted you to know that this popup really is from Emsisoft and you can either choose to install the free plugin or not – and you can also choose to never see the popup again should you decide not to install it.

Emsisoft has just released a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that adds an extra layer of security to help you avoid phishing sites without compromising your privacy. It’s optional and totally free. You can choose not to install it and you can disable the pop-up from ever appearing again if you choose.

How it works is quite technical, but basically it checks the web site’s address against a constantly updated database of known phishing sites. This provides the user with an extra layer of protection that goes beyond the Surf Protection already provided by Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Also we should note here that Chrome and Firefox (as well as Microsoft Edge and most other modern  browsers) already have some anti-phishing protection built-in.

If you see a  popup to install the Emsisoft Browser Security Extension, it is from Emsisoft and it is genuine.  You have the choice to install it or decline it and the choice to choose to never be asked to install it again. It’s a free browser extension and it will remain free according to Emsisoft.

We just installed it a few days ago and we are currently testing the Emsisoft Browser Security extension in Chrome and Firefox. We will have let you know what we find out as we gain more experience using it.

In the meantime, it’s your choice whether you want to install it or not. But we want to keep you informed. We don’t want anyone using Emsisoft to be alarmed if a popup appear suggesting Emsisoft users install this free Emsisoft browser extension.

For those of you who choose not to install the extension, you can be sure that Emsisoft Anti-Malware will continue to protect you and your computer as it always has.

Oh, and one more thing…

We provide the following technical description from Emsisoft for those of you who want the technical details of how the extension works to protect you from phishing and other fake websites:

“Emsisoft Browser Security is an additional layer of protection to Emsisoft Surf Protection layer. The Surf Protection works on DNS level. It can only block entire domains but not individual pages/URLs on a domain. The new Browser Security works on URL level, matching each accessed website with much more complex detection patterns. We’re partnering with one of the most reputable phishing feed sources available to get out the best possible phishing protection. The extension is optional, is part of Emsisoft software and does not cost extra. Even without the extension, the integrated Surf Protection will continue protecting on DNS level. For more details please read here … ”

12 thoughts on “About the New Free Emsisoft Browser Security Extension

  1. Lynne McEachern

    Thanks so much for this info!
    I was wondering if it was really from Emsisoft,

  2. Yvonne

    I will kindly wait for your assessment on whether this is a necessary thing to install…

    1. infoave Post author

      Hi Yvonne… we’re not testing it to test its effectiveness, we’re testing it to see if it has any negative effects or causes any slowdowns. This just just an extra layer of protection to prevent users from being tricked into giving up personal information on phishing sites, which are sites created to look exactly official sites. For example, banking sites, online shopping sites, government web sites like Social Security, and other sites where sensitive information is asked for and stored. If you don’t install it you’re still protected in several ways since Emsisoft Anti-Malware includes protection from malicious sites and so do most popular browsers. The Emsisoft extension just goes beyond what’s currently being done and provides yet another layer of protection.


    The first time it popped out, i was skeptical so closed it. the second time, i closed it then googled and found it was legit so downloaded it. haven’t noticed anything but know it’s doing what it is meant to do in the background. never hurts to have extra security.

  4. Virginia Borders

    Thanks for your endorsement of this add-on. Like others, I suspected a scam and closed out that pop-up! Thanks to your email about this, I was able to go to their website and get this free help from the best Anti-Virus Program there is out there. I’ve been a customer of Emsisoft for many years now and rely on them for days of carefree computer care. Now with security for online visits! Cloudeight + Emsisoft! What a great pair!

  5. Charlotte Mitchell

    Emsisoft has such wonderful customer service that I just simply e-mailed them and got a prompt response reassuring me that it was truly from them. Thanks for your persistent efforts to keep us all safe!

  6. Brenda Forrister

    I installed Emisoft and paid for the program through Pay Pal. I never got the code
    to use it properly. I’ve since un-installed it. I’m very upset!

    1. infoave Post author


      We fill all orders within 24 hours. You placed an order with us on November 21, 2018 and it was filled on November 21, 2018 less than six hours after you ordered.

      The license key we sent on that date was never used. You didn’t enter the key we sent you and Emsisoft therefore expired.

      I have forwarded you a copy of your order and the information and key we sent you when we filled your order less than six hours after you placed it.

      If you still don’t get the email with the key for Emsisoft and the instructions included therein, please let me know.

      The key will be valid for 365 days from the first day you apply it.

      We answer all email within 24-48 hours. Had you written to us when didn’t receive your license key in a reasonable amount of time, we could have resolved this issue quickly.

      The original email we sent to you on the day your ordered Emsisoft is included in below my signature. It includes your Emsisoft license key and very easy instructions on how to enter it in the program.

      Best wishes,



    This also came up on my screen, I trust Emsisoft and I am very thankful that CloudEight led me to them or I would never have known such an excellent company existed. I also have total trust in the CloudEight people. They are EXCELLENT in their business values and work ethics. I have never had a company that has given me so much to trust in, especially when all is done by email and not by phone. It took me (the hesitant in me) a ” loonnng” time of reading their daily offers and informational help before I took the leap and am still thankful I did as there are many scoundrels waiting to take advantage of people like us. Thank You to Emsisoft and T.C. and Darcy, they have made the internet a safer place to go and security while there.

  8. Connie Tyler

    TY TC. I installed it and it’s nice to know that my computer is even a bit safer. Connie


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