Afraid to put credit card information on the Internet

By | June 11, 2011
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Carolyn’s husband doesn’t want to put credit card information on the Internet
I would love to buy your new flash drive that can also download SD cards, but my husband doesn’t like putting credit card information on the internet. Can I order one by mail? I sent a note about a week ago, but never received an answer. Thank you for your prompt reply.

I’ve been a premium member for many years and would hate to lose your wonderful newsletter.

Our answer
Thanks for your support, Carolyn. First the USB flash/pen SD/MMC card-reader drives aren’t flash drives per se – you can insert a SD/MMC card, like the ones used in most digital cameras and insert the USB drive into the computer and load your pictures or other data from it. You can also insert a card into it and use it as a regular flash drive.

When you write about one of the products we sell, please be sure you don’t use the InfoAve Questions/Comments form. That form is for questions and comments for our newsletters. We use that form for questions, comments, and suggestions for this newsletter. We may not read those questions/comments until we are preparing to write the newsletter. So if you need an answer right away, please use our regular support form found on and many other pages throughout our site. You’ll always get a reply with 48 hours – usually much sooner.

Whether your husband knows this or not, just about every time he uses a credit card, he’s transferring data over the Internet. If you go to Walmart or Target and you buy anything and you swipe your card, you’re sending credit card information over the Internet. And that data is stored just like it is stored if you bought online. And despite the uproar on the news about data breaches, consider this: You don’t hear about car accidents on the national news. But you hear about airplane crashes. Why? Because airplane crashes are rare – they’re big news. The same with data breaches. There are billions and billions of transactions taking place every day – credit card, stocks, etc. And all but a tiny fraction of these take place without a problem. There is no doubt data breaches are serious and a problem, and we are not trying to trivialize them, but whether or not you use a credit card online, your data is transferred online and it is stored online. We bet your husband hands his credit card to a waiter, waitress or cashier without a second thought – but it’s far more likely that he’d get his credit card information stolen that way, than by buying online.

Still, we do offer all our products by regular mail. Every product we sell online, we offer by regular mail also. You can send a check or money order (in US funds) with the price of the product (and shipping if any), along with the name of the product(s) you want, to:

Cloudeight Internet
PO Box 73
Middleville, Michigan USA 49333-0073

Thanks again!

5 thoughts on “Afraid to put credit card information on the Internet

  1. Lois

    get a paypal is the safest way that I know of to use your credit card.Maybe your hubby would be okay with that if he reads about it.Hugs Lois

  2. Lois

    Try the best way I know to use your credit card.Hugs Lois

  3. Harold

    This was a very good answer about credit cards , I also had my doubt,s and now You have put me at ease , I have a lot of faith in what you have been letting us know.

    Thank you.

  4. Jeannie

    You can always do what I do, use Pay Pal. They are safe and the online merchant never gets your information, at all. If you have any problems with your order, you just tell Pay Pal, and they will get your money back for you.

  5. Hellen M

    Credit cards are safe to use you can get your money back on them also.


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