Alt key and Internet Explorer

By | April 29, 2011
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If you hold your alt key down, and click other keys on your keyboard, you will be able to quickly access a number of menus, tools and options. Go through the list below and you should find a few favorites to commit to memory. Many of these keystrokes work on other versions of IE browsers, but you may get different options. We created this list specifically for Internet Explorer 9. But try them if you’re using Internet Explorer 8 too. You’ll find many will work for you as well.

Alt : Will highlight “file” on your toolbar. If you look closely you will see it underlines the first letter of each option in the toolbar (file, edit, tools, help, etc.) Use the arrow keys to move across the menu. To see the drop down list for each, just click the letter that is underlined, or your down arrow. You can continue navigating the menu options from the drop down lists in the same way.

Alt + a opens Favorites menu.
Alt + b shows suggested sites
Alt + c opens a more advanced favorites menu that includes feeds and history.
Alt + d goes to your address/search bar and highlights the space so you can start typing your next address/search
Alt + e opens the page edit menu. You can navigate through this menu with arrows or keys.
Alt + f opens the file menu. You can navigate through this menu with arrows or keys.
Alt + h opens the help menu for your browser
Alt + j opens the RSS (feeds) menu
Alt + l opens the question tool for help, what’s new, and more
Alt + m opens browser home page menu
Alt + o opens browser tools menu
Alt + p opens page menu; you will find many things here such as compatibility tool option and settings, zoom, text size, properties and more.
Alt + r opens print menu
Alt + s opens browser history cleanup, security options and more.
Alt + t opens full tools menu
Alt + v opens full view menu
Alt + x opens menu for print, file, zoom and safety and more.
Alt + z opens add to favorites and shows organize favorites menu.
Alt + X opens even more options from menu such as print options, zooming and safety options, and more

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