An Extensive List of Antivirus and Security Software Removal Tools

By | July 3, 2021
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An Extensive List of Antivirus and Security Software Removal Tools

Most legitimate anti-virus vendors provide clean-up utilities, better known as removal tools, on their websites. These tools all you to remove the antivirus programs and all the remnants usually left behind after uninstalling.

We have learned over the years, it’s best not to use Apps & features or Control Panel > Programs >”Uninstall a program” to remove security and/or antivirus software. Using either of those methods almost always results in a messy uninstallation. And then, the computer is left littered with remnants and even some running processes and services. So, we strongly recommend using a vendor-provided “uninstall tool” or “removal tool” – or another specialized uninstaller – to completely remove antivirus and/or security software from your computer.

Here’s an extensive list of Antivirus/Security program uninstallers & removal tools.

We hope this list helps you should you need to remove your current antivirus or security software. 

2 thoughts on “An Extensive List of Antivirus and Security Software Removal Tools

  1. GH Williams

    Hello, I’ve been around a very long time using programs, the VERY best program UNINSTALLER bar none is REVO- UNinstaller, they have a free version as well , paid vesion , they leave nothing behind after uninstalling any program ,
    I choose to use their FREE program , then I suggest to others to use this same program , NO I do not receive anything from anyone for doing this,
    I’m leaving a link to this great program , check it out please see what you think .
    I’m also a very long , many years in fact of your newsletters also, I’ve shared those and suggested people sign up to receive those for many years, as I am a firm believer in all you do, your many help tips, etc, such as those listed above….because I have constantly used your many ideas , tips, etc.
    This make my heart very happy to do this in return .
    You might call this, ” Paying my own dues ”


    1. infoave Post author

      Revo will not uninstall Norton or McAfee completely. This was not a freeware pick. It’s always best to use the uninstaller published by publisher of the antivirus. Using an uninstaller like Revo on Norton, McAfee (and probably others) leaves things behind.

      And speaking of Revo, their free version is not as good as HiBit Uninstaller which removes programs as well, allows you to remove
      more than one program at once, has a startup manager, services manager, processes manager and more.

      For removing antivirus programs, we strongly recommend using the uninstaller published by the company that makes the antivirus program — we’re not talking about the uninstaller that comes with the program.

      For instance, McAfee’s uninstaller…
      Norton Uninstaller

      Darcy and I have done many dozens of antivirus program uninstallation on dozens and dozens of computers, so we do have some experience in this area.


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