AntiAdware blocks download wrappers and adware on popular websites

By | May 1, 2015
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AntiAdware blocks download wrappers and adware on popular websites


Depending on where you download your software from, you may get nasty surprises in form of adware with it.

This is done to increase revenue for the site’s parent company at the expense of users visiting it.

Some sites give you options to opt-out of using the site’s custom installer while others don’t.

What makes things even more problematic is that offers come in all forms and shapes. There is no general procedure to follow to avoid installing adware as installers may require that youuncheck boxes, click on cancel or none, click on continue instead or perform other operations that are often not obvious and hidden to increase installs.

A whole industry has been created that is creating tools toremove adware from user systems or block it outright so that it never lands on computers in first place.

AntiAdware is a so-called userscript that protects you from installing adware from dozens of popular sites that are known to throw adware installers or offers at you. A list of supported siteshas been posted on GitHub.

The list of supported sites includes cnet, filehippo, softonic, sourceforge, sendspace, afterdawn, several Google domains or Adobe’s Reader and Flash Player download pages.


How it works depends largely on the site in question. Checkbox offers are removed on most sites for instance so that offers don’t get downloaded with the installer when you hit the install or download button.

This is for instance the case on Adobe’s website which displays an offer to install McAfee security software by default when you click the install button to download and install Flash Player or Adobe Reader.

On most download sites, it skips download wrappers automatically so that the software itself is download directly to the computer.

While it is doing a great job at that, it is important to pay attention to the process to make sure it works on the site you are on.

In addition, it is important to note that the software itself may still include adware offers as the script does not take care of those.

Firefox users need to download and install the Greasemonkey extension for the browser or the latest nightly version of Scriptish before they can install AntiAdware.

Google Chrome users are encouraged to download and install Tampermonkey first before they install the script in the browser.

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