Are Your Software Programs Up to Date?

By | January 14, 2012
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It’s a new year, but you probably don’t have a new PC. Maybe you should check your old PC in the new year to see if there are programs you need to update.

Using outdated programs can not only slow your PC, they can be really bad for your PC’s health — and maybe even your online security. For instance, Adobe’s Acrobat PDF reader seems to be attacked by miscreants almost as much as the big M (that’s Microsoft, ya know!). If you’re using an old version of Adobe’s Acrobat PDF reader (or its Flash player) you might be vulnerable to some slithering miscreants’ antics.

So why not take about ten minutes and do a quick security check to make sure that you are not missing any critical patches or software updates. And while you’re at it, why not make sure that none of your more vulnerable applications are missing any major security updates or patches. (I used to have a little dog named Patches….).

Since you don’t have to download and install anything – you can check any computer for vulnerabilities quickly and easily. Or you can check a friend’s computer, a public computer, your spouse’s computer – and yes, even your own computer. Why not? It’s free and it’s simple. All you’ll need is a high-speed Internet connection, about ten minutes of your time and a link to the online scanner.

So all you need now is the online scanner, right? Ok…ready? Set? Go!
The link to the Secunia Online Scanner.

This service is provided free by Secunia. They call it the Online Software Inspector. So when you have ten minutes or so why not visit and make sure your computer and its software has all the latest security pages. You don’t want to venture onto the cyber sea on a raft made of Swiss cheese do you?

We recommend you click the optional box to do a more thorough check. It’s the smart thing to do. That’s why we say it will take you about ten minutes to do the scan. If you don’t do the thorough scan, it will only take you a minute or so. Do the thorough one though; what’s ten minutes? Do it now. It’s a New Year – let’s get through it safely. We all want to be here on 12/21/2012 to see if the Mayans were right, don’t we?

This Secunia service is free, and works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

7 thoughts on “Are Your Software Programs Up to Date?

  1. Matthew

    I had installed the Secunia PSI software a long time ago, and it was one of the best moves I have ever made for my PC. Not too long ago I recommended it to you guys for an InfoAve Premium freebie, but you all never put it on there, so I got the idea that maybe you all didn’t think it was good software. I know – I know, you all could have overlooked it, or it got lost somewhere. Actually, I don’t know how just two of you can do all that you do for other people. You have to sleep sometime, don’t you?

  2. rita

    Hi I tried to go to the secunia online scanner but this what keeps coming up We were unable to return you to also said the website caused a crash
    Rita from england

  3. VivienMW New Zealand

    Hello. Secunia, a marvelous program, had it for ages, better than an on-line scan is to have the program on your computer, have just added some programs to my new computer and was “told” several needed updating, which I did and now have a nice green icon in my system tray which now says 100% system score. A red icon means some updating is needed. Thanks for all your tips. Vivien

  4. virginia Gibson

    I could not get the Secunia to do anything, Java was working, I pressed start, red half circles at the bottom right but then nothing else. I read the forum, tried to send an email and the firewall blocked it. Please help.

  5. virginia Gibson

    I went to website, Java was working. Pressed start and other than half red circles at the bottom left. Tried for over an hour. Please help me.

  6. Ben White

    I have used Secinia for years and have found it to be ONE of the programs that everyone should have installed on their computer. It is currently on Widows 7 Ultimate and runs flawlessly.I set it to run once a week and it has never failed me.

  7. Sue

    I ran the scanner after clicking the more thorough scan. It listed 7 errors and displayed 4 items to update within minutes, but continued to scan. Exactly 2 hours later I stopped it. One of the items to update was Adobe Flash Player, but when I clicked on the download button on the scanning page, the IE window popped up with an error message that the page couldn’t load. I updated Java script, 32 bit, then tried to run another scan. This time only received the listed update to Adobe Flash Player, but experienced the same “page won’t load” error message. And an hour later, Secunia was still scanning.


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