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By | April 29, 2020
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YouTube’s At Home #With Me Page

While some states and governments are setting people free, most of us are still hunkered down in our homes – and even when the government tells us we can go forth and have dinner in a restaurant, get a haircut or go on multi-store shopping trips – how many of us – especially those of us who are older – are going to feel comfortable doing that any time soon? Not me! Can you imagine eating in a buffet-style restaurant any time soon? I guess I never thought much about all those unwashed hands grabbing the scoopers and the ladles and so forth. Yuck!

And I know that people are getting bored just hanging around home watching TV. Luckily, we have discovered a page that is a treasure trove of things to learn, things to do and games to play. If you are stuck at home like so many are, you don’t have to be bored I tells ya! There’s enough good stuff on this page to keep you busy for days and days.

Whether you like to cook – or want to learn to cook, or like to draw – or want to learn to draw, or even if you want to learn some cool science experiments to share with your kids or grandkids, you’ll find this page an impressive resource you’ll want to reference again & again.

If you like to play games, listen to concerts, dance, craft, learn, read, cook, bake, garden, plant, music, and more there’s a ton of things on this page for you. Almost everything is free too – except for the movies – and even a few of those are free if you don’t mind a few ads.

So, without further yammering or wordiness, we are going to distill the page down to its essence. Here’s a listing of what awaits you on YouTube’s “At Home #With Me” page.

Cloudeight Site Pick

Jam With Me
Can’t make it to the show? We’ll bring the show to you. Check out this week in music live streams and be the living room audience for some up-close-and-personal performances.

Clean With Me
Tackle cluttered rooms and dirty dishes in the company of these creators whose videos are designed to motivate you to tidy up.

Cook With Me
Join creators in their kitchens to chop, sauté, and cook up a feast with these videos made to accompany you during your own meal prep.

Work Out With Me
Turn your home into your personal gym with these exercises that require just a pair of dumbbells or no equipment at all.

Game With Me
Whether you’re into Animal Crossing or Fortnite, pick your game of choice and start playing with these creators.

Hang Out With Me
From group chats to bathtub monologues, unwind at home and have a laugh with these entertainers.

Bake With Me
Take your #stressbaking to the next level with these bread, cookie, and cake recipes.
Meditate With Me Relax, clear your mind, and take a guided meditation with these creators.

Get Ready With Me (to Go Nowhere)
Take advantage of your time at home to try out new looks with these creators as your guides.

Experiment With Me
Learn easy science experiments that you can try at home.

Dance With Me
Join these pro dancers to learn some new moves at home.

Craft With Me
Knit, collage, and weave the time away with these creators, who share their go-to crafts.

Study With Me
Turn to these virtual study buddies for some company while you WFH.

Journal With Me
Take part in a relaxing journaling session with these artistic creators.

Plant With Me
Exercise your green thumb by repotting, watering, and online shopping for new plants.

Draw With Me
Pick your drawing tool of choice (pen! pencil! paintbrush!) and draw along with creators as they fill their pages with color.

Read With Me
Grab a cup of coffee or tea, settle into a comfy chair, and read alongside these creators.

Slow the Spread: Expert Information & Advice

Stay Home & Watch: Unique Performances
Watch Andrea Bocelli take over Milan’s Duomo cathedral, pop stars sing via video chat, musical casts gather virtually, and more out-of-the-ordinary performances.

Stay Home & Watch: Concerts & Musicals
Sing along to newly released archival concerts and musicals from the comfort of your couch.

Stay Home & Watch: Sports
From MLB to FIFA, get your sports fix by reliving the glory of classic games from years past.

Stay Home & Watch: Movies
(Most are not free – a few are free with ads) Make some popcorn, grab a blanket, and curl up for a movie night with one of these recent releases.

Now you have no excuse for being bored. This site has tons of things for you to do to keep yourself busy and explore and learn new things. Are you ready? Take a trip to YouTube’s “At Home #With Me” page. You’ll find tons of things to keep you busy for hours and hours. 

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