Big Green Buttons

By | February 16, 2014
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Big Green Buttons

Hello folks. Today’s lesson is called Big Green Buttons. In today’s lesson we’re going to play a game. The rules are simple. If you are careful and you read carefully, you’ll pass our test. If you hurry and make an error, you’ll fail. If you fail, you will  have to do 100 pushups every day this week on video. You’ll be required to share the video with us so we can share it with everyone. Capiche? If you win, you win our “Common Sense” award. If you lose, you’ll be making videos and doing pushups.

Great free software! Download now!

Today we have a great free giveaway. And all you have to do is choose the right download, OK? If you choose the wrong one, please load up on carbs because you’re going to be doing a lot of push-ups – and EB will make sure you do. If you have never felt the sting of her whip or had your backside beaten with her broomstick, let me tell you — IT HURTS!

We’re going to give those of you who are correct something valuable and something more rare than gold or diamonds: You’ll win the praise of EB — and let me tell you, that’s not easy. In 15 years, I have been praised twice: Once when I went on vacation for six days — and she was elated; and one time when I wrote a nice essay about her. That’s it.

Great free software! Download now! IT IS FREE! FREE!

All you have to do to win hugs and praise from the gnarly old EB is choose the right download link! If you choose the wrong one, you’ll be setting yourself up for misery, I tells ya!

FREE! FREE! NO TRICKS! IT'S FREE! Great free software! Download now! IT IS FREE! FREE!

Win EB’s praise and a big grandmotherly hug, or spend a week in front of a video camera doing pushups until you’re swimming in sweat, covered with lash marks from EB’s whip, and your big, wrinkled bottom is red from being beaten with her broomstick. And you must upload your push-up videos by Friday night at midnight — we need to load them onto YouTube for the masses to watch. If you want to win EB’s praise you can get it by clicking here.


You’ve all been so nice! Thanks for playing our game with us today. We hope to see your videos soon — we could use a good hoot!

7 thoughts on “Big Green Buttons

  1. Luana Grace

    So interesting and so much fun. I won the game and was aware of the “green buttons” They always appear and confuse you when you are trying to download something. Because I have been careful when downloading anything, I was very careful today to read the entire story ( a very interesting tale) and to notice so many “green buttons”. When I read the sentence which gave the right instructions and saw the link to choose, I knew then that those”green buttons” were only there to remind me to take notice ALL the time and not to hurry when downloading anything.
    You are always giving great tips and this was a good one and you presented it with those “green buttons” which will make your warning easy to remember. Thanks again for all your good help.

  2. Phyllis Adams

    Woot Woot Congratulations to me. Good game. I did good no push-up’s for me. Thanks for keeping us safe.

  3. Jean Leclair

    I won’t ☺ I won’t ☺ I won’t ☺ touch those GREEN BUTTONS


    I would participate however am color blind, cannot find the Green button. Could EB e mail me. Just kidding EB!

    1. infoave Post author

      Haha! Good point. They’d be the big gray buttons to you, sir.


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