Brenda won’t buy online – or will she?

By | June 25, 2011
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Barbara doesn’t buy online but she wants to buy an InfoAve Premium subscription…
I do not buy over the internet. I wish to take advantage of your Premium lifetime subscription offer. How and where can I send you a check? To whom do I make it out? A thousand thanks.. YOU are me computer lifeline.

Our answer
Thanks very much, Barb.

May I ask why you don’t buy over the Internet? You are aware when you use a credit card at Target, Walmart or other retailer – or when you use one at a restaurant – you’re buying over the Internet. And your information is stored in the same databases as a credit card transaction done over the Internet. It’s been this way for over five years – since retailers stopped using phone lines to transmit transactions. The only difference between using your credit card online and at a retail store is that you have to type in your credit card number and enter your expiration date manually when you purchase online. Retailers have scanners that scan the magnetic strip on the card and send your information — over the Internet. The information transmitted and stored is exactly the same way – regardless if you buy online or at a major retailer. Anytime you make a purchase at any major retailer or restaurant, you’re buying online.

If you still choose not to buy online, you can send a check or money order to:

Cloudeight Internet
InfoAve Premium Lifetime
Middleville, Mi 49333-0073

You can buy any of our products or make a donation by regular mail. But remember, if you’re not buying online because you’re afraid of security issues, if you’ve used your card at any major retailer, you’ve already purchased online. Also remember, identity theft is not caused by buying online, it’s caused by people falling for phishing emails. If you’re worried about having your credit card information stolen, remember there is a far greater chance of having your credit card number stolen by handing your card to a waitress, waiter, or counter clerk, than having it stolen by buying online. All online purchases are encrypted so that the data that passes between you and the online establishment is encrypted. And always remember this: if you discover a fraudulent charge for an online purchase, you’re not liable for a single penny of it. On the other hand, if you buy at brick and mortar retailer, you’re liable for the first $50. And in both cases, you’re actually buying online.

3 thoughts on “Brenda won’t buy online – or will she?

  1. Harold

    Thank you for the great information about why Barbra wont buy on line, I have felt the same way and you really opened my eyes , so now I will buy on line,

    Thank you you always pass on great information.


  2. mizdoc

    Don’t forget to remind Barbara to watch for the “s” behind the http (https) and the little closed lock at the bottom of the page. Very important to ensure privacy.

  3. mizdoc

    Forgot to mention that the http and https are found in the address box, where you type in the address of the webpage.


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