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For TV Lovers Only

This is for all of you who like watching TV. EB and I have been watching Breaking Bad after one of our readers recommended it. It’s not a show for everyone, but we got hooked on it. But we were watching it on Netflix — so we have a long wait until we can watch the final season…and… Read More »

Should private companies give governments information about you without due process? We want your opinion.

Most of you, at least those of you who were born and educated in the United States, probably know that under normal circumstances, you’re protected from warantless searches and seizures. If you’re a citizen of the United States, do you think that seizing personal information about you without your knowledge and without a warrant or due process violates… Read More »

Hiring a fox to guard the hen house

Perion, IncrediMail’s other name, is notorious for bundled software – Smilebox and worst of all Sweet IM, announced today the release of a program to manage add-ons and extensions in browsers. This beats all! It’s like McDonald’s releasing a book, “The Guide to Healthy Eating”,  or  Bernie Madoff writing “How to Invest and Get Rich Legally”. You have… Read More »