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Another botched Windows patch: MS13-057/KB 2803821/KB 2834904

On the heels of cleaning up the mess from earlier patch horrors, Microsoft finds itself under criticsm for seriously bothing another patch, labeled as “critical” by the Microsoft Windows update team. Here are the details from our source: “Microsoft hasn’t yet acknowledged Win7 patch KB 2803821 and WinXP patch KB 2834904, which have spawned complaints about top half… Read More »

Ex-Windows 8 chief agrees not to badmouth Microsoft, gets stock payout

“Microsoft’s former head of Windows 8 development has agreed not to badmouth Microsoft or work for some of its competitors and in return will receive a payout for unvested stock in the company, according to a regulatory filing Wednesday. The “retirement agreement” with Steven Sinofsky, who left Microsoft in November after leading the development of its Windows 8… Read More »

Is Windows 8 the new “New Coke” ?

Microsoft will release a preview version of Windows Blue in June of this year.  So in order to keep you all up-to-date on the latest news about Windows, Windows 8, and  Microsoft’s apparent, upcoming admission that they have failed, once again, to keep the consumer’s wants and needs in mind when developing new products and operating systems, read… Read More »

Windows Blue: The answer to “The Windows 8 Blues”?

This article, published by ABC news, should be of interest to all Windows 8 users, and to those Windows XP devotees who are holding on to their Windows XP systems until the bitter end (April 2014): “Since releasing Windows 8, Microsoft has sold over 100 million licenses, however users have said that the software changes were confusing. Recently, analyst… Read More »