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Announcing Cloudeight Boosters

  Gifts is the  new name for donations: Thanks so much for your support. As we’ve noted in our newsletters, PayPal has changed the rules for donations and made them for “non-profits” only. So we had to take down our donations page. Since we did so, we have received many emails from those of you who wanted to… Read More »

The NSA is collecting email and instant messaging contacts from overseas points, reports indicate.

(From USA Today) The National Security Agency has been collecting contacts from people’s personal email address books and instant messaging accounts in an effort to detect relationships that might be crucial to government security, the Washington Post is reporting. The agency is collecting the data from overseas points and many of the contacts belong to Americans, the Post… Read More »

17 Misused And Made-Up Words That Make You Rage

Do you use words and phrases like irregardless, sherbert, “whole nother”, “I could care less”? Take a ride on the grammar and vocabulary express and seek out a whole other world of words you may misuse.   17 Misused And Made-Up Words That Make You Rage     Language is flustrating sometimes.