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Millions of PCs Could Be Vulnerable Thanks to Computrace

Computrace back door could make millions of PCs vulnerable Almost all recent PCs have Absolute Computrace embedded in their BIOS. It’s a product designed to allow companies to track and secure all of their PCs from a single cloud-based console. But researchers at Kaspersky lab have revealed that it often runs without user-consent, persistently activates itself at system boot, and can be… Read More »

Private Browsing? We don’t have no private browsing!

There’s Really Nothing Private About Private Browsing  As most of you already suspect, privacy today is mostly an illusion. Your favorite browser plays that illusion with so-called private browsing (In-Private browsing, Incognito mode, etc.) And we know that most people might think that using these private browsing modes somehow increases their privacy — but it’s just an illusion.… Read More »

Things you should never post on Facebook

The following is an excerpt from a very interesting article which appeared on MakeUseOf recently. Any of you who are using Facebook should read the entire article. We want to remind you that the views expressed in posts other than our own do not necessarily reflect our views – we publish them to provide you with information you… Read More »

The Death of the Password

The Password Is Finally Dying. Here’s Mine by John Kuczala WSJ The password to my Twitter TWTR +1.29% account, which has been mine since 2007 and through which I have published more than 51,000 tweets, is “christophermims.” Knowing that won’t help you hack it, however. In fact, I’m publishing my password to make a point: The password is finally dying, if we… Read More »