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The Greatest Man I’ve Ever Known

      The Greatest Man I’ve Ever Known On February 26, 1971, the greatest man I have ever known passed away. And though he passed away that bitter February night, he lives on in my heart and in my memory.  There hasn’t been a day that has gone by in these last fifty years that I have… Read More »

February is the Longest Month of the Year

    February is the Longest Month of the Year February is the longest month of the year. And here I am stuck smack dab in the middle of February.  The calendar says that February is the shortest month but it seems like the longest month to me. February this year, like most years, has twenty-eight days. By… Read More »

Winter in Farm Country

        Winter in Farm Country It’s been brutally cold here for a brutally long time. I haven’t seen the ground for weeks – it’s been buried under a foot of snow. It’s boring here in farm country in winter. And this year, with the pandemic still in full vigor, it’s even more boring – if… Read More »

Meandering Thoughts

    Meandering Thoughts I love to write, sometimes I don’t write so well, but that doesn’t stop me from writing. It’s kind of like golf, I guess. Some people like to play golf regardless of how poorly they play. Writing essays is one of the kinds of writing I like best – much to the dismay of… Read More »