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The Cold October Rain

    The Cold October Rain It’s not supposed to be this way. The rain I mean. The sullen, gray skies belong in November, not now, not here, not in October. The October rain is cold and steady. The day is morose and dark. Not a sad day but a melancholy mood could set in if I were… Read More »

The Dying Time

    The Dying Time It is a time of sadness and a time of beauty. It is a time for reflection and a time for thought. It is a time for remembering and a time of forgetting; a time for holding on and time for letting go. It was summer and then it was autumn and summer… Read More »

Just Waiting for the Bus

      Just Waiting for the Bus I’m quite sure you’ve noticed how slow time passes when you’re waiting for something. I guess it really depends on what you’re waiting for. If you’re waiting for something wonderful to happen, time passes slowly; if you’re waiting for something bad to happen, then time flies. It’s all connected, I… Read More »