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Beautiful Morning

    Beautiful Morning I see some children waiting for the school bus… It is such a beautiful morning, and the children look so happy. It makes me pause for a moment and remember a time in my life when I was a child and I waited for the school bus on a spring day just like this.… Read More »

The Granite Point Lighthouse

  The Granite Point Lighthouse By 1895, Gordon McDaniels had been the keeper of Granite Point Light for 42 years. He married his childhood sweetheart Penny in 1854 during his first full year as keeper of the lighthouse and the lighthouse had been their home and their life. Gordon took great pride in his daily tasks of keeping… Read More »

Daylight Saving Time- Playing with Clocks

  Daylight Saving Time- Playing with Clocks I just learned this year that calling Daylight Saving Time, “Daylight Savings Time”, with an S is, incorrect. They say it makes me look like an idiot to everyone who’s in the know.  Look here: “Daylight Savings Time is a misspelling, but more common than the correct term. Setting our clocks 1… Read More »

Impossible Things

    Impossible Things According to those in the know, meteorological spring began just over a week ago on the first day of March. Well, those in the know, don’t know that spring around here doesn’t arrive until mid-April, if we’re lucky. But still, it feels good to hear the word “spring”. After all, spring is the season… Read More »

A Little Chat about This and That

  A Little Chat about This and That Over a quarter of a century ago, Darcy and I dipped our toes into the nascent waters of the Internet. They were pretty shallow then. There was not a lot going on yet. No big gazillion-dollar ships were sailing on it – just a bunch of people like Darcy and… Read More »

On Dreams and Life

    On Dreams and Life The first thing I notice is the smoke, the smell of it. An acrid, viscid stink overwhelms my senses and crawls over and into me like a billion ethereal tendrils. The fear grows inside. It is a grotesque unyielding fear. It saturates me and makes it nearly impossible to open my eyes.… Read More »