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Thoughts On Faith

  Thoughts On Faith Almost all of us who have children have had the common and amazing, experience of teaching a child to ride a bike. Before I get rolling, let’s clarify the word “bike”. Long ago, unfortunately, the word “bike” was an unambiguous word that meant bicycle – the kind with two wheels, a bell, streamers, and… Read More »

A Rockin’ New Year’s Eve

    A Rockin’ New Year’s Eve First, before I get started, let me make it clear that I, for one, don’t like the term “Rockin’”. What does it really mean? A rocking horse is “rockin’” but only if someone is sitting on it. My recliner rocks, but only if I’m a wake and making it rock. I… Read More »

We Are The Keepers of Christmas

    We Are The Keepers of Christmas It’s a wintry mix kind of day. The sky is obscured with an unending blanket of gray that will never brighten and yield to an increasingly earlier sunset only to be swallowed up by the long winter darkness.  It’s always windy this time of year, and that makes the dead… Read More »

The Christmas Tree: The Real True Story

    The Christmas Tree: The Real True Story After doing some research, it’s obvious to me that, to this point, no one knew how this whole Christmas tree thing got started. It’s not like someone picked up a pen and kept notes. But I did some digging, and I can now tell you the real story of… Read More »

36 Minutes…and Counting

    36 Minutes… and Counting The older I get the more skeptical I get. I can’t help it. Once you’ve seen it all before, you’ve seen it all before and it gets harder for hooligans to pull the wool over your eyes. If you’re younger than sixty, you won’t get this, but, trust me you will. There… Read More »