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I’d Love to be a Painter

    I’d Love to be a Painter “Because I could not stop for death — He kindly stopped for me…” Emily Dickinson – 1830-1886 It’s been a warm and beautiful summer this summer. For some, it’s been a little hot. But for me, it has been one of the best summers I can remember. There has been… Read More »

Looking Back

    Looking Back I was thinking… yes, I know… sometimes that’s not a good thing. And it occurred to me that I spent a great deal of my time in my youth wasting precious time: Chasing girls, hanging out in bars with buddies, skipping classes in college — yet still getting passing grades – dreaming impossible dreams… ridiculous… Read More »


    Words “You think that I don’t even mean A single word I say… It’s only words and words are all I have To take your heart away…” (Bee Gees) Last night I heard an old song by the Bee Gees called “Words”. I’ve always liked that song and I had not heard it in a long… Read More »

Rainy Day Musings

    Rainy Day Musings The sound of rain falling, cascading down the eaves, rushing to be free. The gloomy rainy day provides the perfect backdrop and the perfect soundtrack for a pensive day. A perfect day for quiet and disparate musings. Sometimes I feel so sad and lost, but I realized today, I cannot even manage to… Read More »

The Gift from Maryanne

  The Gift from Maryanne I don’t recall any shadows in that room on that late autumn morning. A gray, forlorn sky loomed sadly and hovered over everything. There was no hint of the sun and in the dim morning light. There were no shadows except for the shadows that you can only see with your mind. Those… Read More »

The Old Man and Me

    The Old Man and Me I was talking to a friend the other day about life and death. No, it was not a seriously morose discussion. We talk about morbid stuff a lot. But after some discussion, the basic question was distilled down to — “Would you rather die alone or have a bunch of people… Read More »