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How Much Data Do We Leak Online?

Ars tests Internet surveillance—by spying on an NPR reporter A week spent playing NSA reveals just how much data we leak online. On a bright April morning in Menlo Park, California, I became an Internet spy. This was easier than it sounds because I had a willing target. I had partnered with National Public Radio (NPR) tech correspondent… Read More »

Five Ridiculous Ways People Defend NSA Spying

The Top 5 Claims That Defenders of the NSA Have to Stop Making to Remain Credible  Cindy Cohn and Nadia Kayyali – EFF Over the past year, as the Snowden revelations have rolled out, the government and its apologists have developed a set of talking points about mass spying that the public has now heard over and over… Read More »

What is metadata — and why should you care?

What is metadata — and why should you care? While we doing our homework for the ShazzleMaIL article, we saw a link to a white paper on Metadata. If you’re anything like us, you never gave metadata a second thought. While we knew what metadata was, we never knew how much information it carries and how it can… Read More »

How Embarassing

The following is an email we received from Avast. It must be very embarrassing for a company which makes security software for consumers can’t secure their own Web site. If we were Avast users (which we are not) we’d  have second thoughts.  Dear Cloudeight, The AVAST forum is currently offline and will remain so for a brief period.… Read More »