Emsisoft Wins Again

By | November 12, 2015
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Emsisoft Wins Again

We’ve been recommending Emsisoft for quite a while now. After Microsoft Security Essentials started going down hill and Malwarebytes decided to ignore many PUPs, we got busy and started evaluating security products. What we were looking for was not a security suite with all kinds of useless stuff (Spam Blockers, site raters, etc.) but a good antivirus, anti-malware with strong PUPs protection. That’s when we found Emsisoft. After testing it for a few week ourselves and reviewing independent antivirus testing lab results, we chose Emsisoft as our only recommended and endorsed security software. And looking back, we know we made the right chocie.

Emsisoft consistently ranks among the best antivirus programs, near the top in malware detection, and it’s the only antivirus / anti-malware with strong PUPs protection.

Recently A-V Comparatives released it current test results for September 2015. And again, Emsisoft received the highest (3- star) award.

Here are some highlights from these tests.

Above: The graph shows Emsisoft ranks in the top 5 in fewest missed samples. Microsoft missed 8.65%, AVG missed 6.6% while Emsisoft missed substantially less than 1% (0.3%) of malware samples.

Above Emsisoft detected 99.7% of all malware samples it was testing against.

We’ve been big proponents against security software that show a high rate of false positives. If you’re constantly bombarded with warnings that turn out to be false positives, your software is misleading you and is not working correctly. Below, you can see that Emsisoft ranks among the best in showing false positives (false alarms).

Below: Emsisoft finishes among the best at malware detection and received AV Comparitives highest award.

Emsisoft is among the best antivirus / anti-malware programs and the only one with strong anti-PUPs protection.

We offer Emsisoft at a special discount price – always. See our Emsisoft page for more details.

To read the full AV Comparatives test results report for September 2015 –see this page.

7 thoughts on “Emsisoft Wins Again

  1. Barb

    I will NEVER use McFee again after it let a virus in to my brand new laptop within the first 24 hours. In the past I have found QuickHeal satisfactory, but my vote now goes to Emsisoft. Their product is reliable, and their customer service can’t be beaten. In addition, update keys are available from CloudEight. So all of us are winners.

    1. infoave Post author

      Norton sometimes chooses not to participate in tests conducted by independent testing labs – that should tell you something.

  2. patrick sandoval

    SuperAntiSpyware wasn’t on the list either. It is the one I use and it is definitely a PUP killer. Best that I found and it’s free for the PUP detection feature.

    1. infoave Post author

      SUPERAntiSpyware is not an anti-malware, it’s an anti-spyware, and we have found it basically useless against most malware. In fact, most of the PUPs it finds are not PUPs at all but tracking cookies. Tracking cookies are not any kind of “ware” – they are simple text file and do not “run” on your computer or damage your computer or malware. We once recommended SUPERAntispyware when spyware was really a problem, the world has changed. SUPERAntisypware has new owners, and malware and rogues are the big problem now. I would not trust my computer to SUPERAntiSpyware.

    1. infoave Post author

      There is NO comparison between Malwarebytes and anything in our article. A couple ears back, Malwarebytes decided that they were not going detect the most aggressive PUPs – and we documented that then. We don’t trust companies who ride a reputation and deceive users like Malwarebytes did.

      Read our posts about the decline of Malwarebytes.

      What’s going on with Malwarebytes – http://goo.gl/A05lzg

      The time has come for Malwarebytes – http://goo.gl/YW1dWP

      Something odd going on with Malwarebytes? Why we believe there is… http://goo.gl/wthHpj

      We did not to the testing of the security programs listed on this page, it was conducted by A V Comparatives, a respected independent testing lab. Malwarebytes is not listed either because they declined to participate or they didn’t do well enough on the test to be rated. If you want to know why there were not listed here, your best bet is to write A V Comparatives and ask them.


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