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Cloudeight Freeware Pick 3/13/2011

Rohos Mini Drive Rohos Mini Drive is a program that creates a hidden, password-protected partition on USB flash drives. It’s a 3MB download, and it’s free. Here’s more about today’s freeware.. I picked up one of EB’s flash drives the other day, and you won’t believe what I found. She has a Swiss bank account with tons of… Read More »

Bill wants … replacements for MS Office

Bill wants to know what we suggest as replacements for Microsoft Office I know you guys have written about this before, but I can’t find everything in one place. Do you have a list of suggested replacements for Microsoft Office? I’d appreciate it if you could post it in your newsletter. Thanks for all your help over the… Read More »

Cloudeight Freeware Pick 3/12/2011

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector Windows XP-SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit) Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector gives you a lot of information about your Wi-Fi connection – and about others around you 26.4 MB download file size I really like things that tell me stuff I don’t know – or show me stuff I know but I can’t see. Like if… Read More »

More things you might not know about Gmail

1. Did you know that attachments sent in formats that Google Documents can read can be opened directly in your browser when you’re using a Gmail address? They can. And the list includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and RTF files. No additional software needed, Gmail can open them automatically. 2. When you receive or send attached image files… Read More »