Check a site for cookies without visiting it

By | August 17, 2015
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Check a site for cookies without visiting it

While we have an ambivalent attitude toward cookies, many of you seem to be concerned with cookies and no amount of words by us are going to get you to stop worrying about cookies. Therefore in the spirit of capitulation, we offer to those cookiephobics among you a Web site where you can check any other Web site for cookies — three different kinds too — Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal…. no no no.. Three kinds of cookies — Local, Third Party and third-party requests.

Do not fear cookies. Do not fear cookies. Do not fear cookies. That’s our mantra. But thousands of alarmists with nothing to scare people can always fall back on cookies. “Tracking cookies” oh my! Still you may be bored or looking to learn something new, or feeling terrorized by cookies (hopefully not).

So in the interest of cookies by non-edible and edible, we herewith trudge on.

While Cooker Checker is basically designed for users in the European Union, those of you from other countries (USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.) will find this site educational and interesting. The site also has a “fix” button that you can press to see what kinds of changes a Web site would need to make in order to comply with the EU’s stringent cookie policy.

Now if you’ve never had a stringent cookie, don’t worry. We like normal cookies, preferably round, chewy, sweet ones.

If you’re cookie paranoia has gotten the best of you, or if you’re simply interested in learning new things, you might want to check out your favorite sites to see what cookies they’re dropping on you….

If you need cookie recipes, let us know 😉

We’re ambivalent about cookies because we know there are much more dangerous things on the Internet than cookies. But cookies are a concern for some of you and it’s downright interesting how they work.

EB likes frosted oatmeal cookies and TC has now taken to eating Oreos soaked in non-fat milk. Yummy.


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