Chrome Experiments You Should Check Out

By | November 15, 2014
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5 Cool Chrome Experiments You Should Check Out

The browser has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1990’s with Nexus, Mosaic, and Netscape Navigator. Not to mention Internet Explorer. Over the years, the browser has improved tremendously, and now as well as Internet Explorer, we also have Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Tor, and many others.

Chrome though seems to be leading the way with its HTML5 experiments, showcasing exactly what the browser is capable of, and more. Below are 5 Chrome experiments you should check out, two of which require the use of your smartphone as well, showcasing the potential of that tiny computer in your pocket.

Kick With Chrome

kickwithchrome2 632x500   5 Cool Chrome Experiments You Should Check Out

This is a football game solely played on your smartphone. Just choose your country, and then tilt the phone to move the ball. There are also two other games here – Space Kick and Shootout.

3D City

3dcity   5 Cool Chrome Experiments You Should Check Out

Ever wanted to make your own 3D city in your browser? Well it’s your lucky day because now you can. You can choose between three levels, and simply click to add roads, buildings, and everything else you need to construct a bustling metropolis. All you need now is your own Batman to deal with all the crime.

Play the games, try the experiments and more here.

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