Cloudeight Absolute Security — NEW!

By | March 14, 2012
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Protect yourself from the malicious Internet

Cloudeight Absolute Security

The greatest Internet security program ever created isย here! Our simple, easy-to-use program will absolutely positively protect you from viruses, Trojans, worms, botnets, adware, spyware, rogues, spam, phishing, hacking, and malware. We can guarantee you that if you use our program you will never have another Internet-borne computer infection.

Never fear those nasty old tracking cookies again! Never fear the Great Goliath Google ever again.. Never fear those nasty hackers. Stay safe! Stay secure! Stay fear free! We relieve you of all your Internet worries! Your Internet privacy will be yours again!

Read more about Cloudeight Absolute Security here.

57 thoughts on “Cloudeight Absolute Security — NEW!

  1. Eddie Stair

    Hee hee! You are exactly right! That’s the only way to be 100% protected from spyware, viruses and such! You made a good point and I hope readers will take it for what it is. Get protection now! Thanks guys!

  2. Anne Scott

    Is this antivirus protection ?? I am not sure I understand what this is for. I downloaded it but I am not sure what it is for though.

    1. infoave Post author

      Download the zip file, open it, and read the instructions on how to use it.

      1. Suzanne

        I downloaded it and read the instructions but where is it now on my computer?
        Maybe I did not unzip the file? can you tell me how to unzip it ..

  3. Etta Mae White

    I haven’t been able to view your entire web page for the past few days. There is a box at the top right of where you begin your text that has a big “i” and says web page cannot but not all of the text shows because it runs into the sponsors strip that is on the right of the page. I have learned so much from you and would like to read all of what you have written. Hope you can help.
    Etta Mae

    1. infoave Post author

      You have some kind of ad-blocker that is munging the page. Turn it off.

      1. Marilyn

        I have the same problem and the only thing I know of that I am using is the pop-up blocker. Thanks

      2. Bill

        I have the same problem too and I don’t think some kind of add blocker turn it off is a very good answer

  4. Chantal

    Loved it!! Great sense of humour, TC and EB!! Keep on keeping on, and we’ll keep on following and loving every tidbit you provide!

  5. delenn13

    Hey it’s PI day…Not April Fools.

    Love you guys.

    PS I was thinking you were really loosing it. I know your rep..and HOW could you guarantee that? ROFLMAO

  6. Rhonda

    My curiosity got the better of me. That was very funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  7. Enis Bare

    Will this conflict with Microsoft Security Essentials since it is an antivirus program as well.

    Thanks, EB

  8. Maryanne

    You know that I trust you guys so much, I was wondering what the heck you were up to. We know better than to fall for such an incredibly magical program offer. I get your point, I just followed through to see what you had up your sleeve. Very clever!

  9. Doreen

    Good one TC. Just had to download it to see what you were up to this time. LOL

  10. A_Hippy_Hillbillie

    You all are my heroes; what a cool way to help

    make life a little more lightly with your

    ingenious ingenuity, thank you!! :))

  11. Chrissy

    What a couple of goof balls you two are LOL!!! I was thinking to myself..Oh yeah!…. sure riiiiight!!
    Gotta love your weird sense of humour. Ya know what’s gunna happen, you will get a gazillion e-mails asking where the program is…hahahaaahaaaa

  12. Cricket

    LOL you two are a hoot I love it just what I needed ๐Ÿ™‚ TY for the smiles great for the soul :-),love and blessings,

  13. ML

    Really nice program! Runs quietly in the background, and the price was right.
    (You’re still at that Super Bowl party, aren’t you, TC?)

  14. Ju Vy

    ROFL….. this came 2 weeks early! lol Actually I first thought it came a day late as I just downloaded a new anti virus program… but since I …. like so many… trust you guys I thought I’d give it a shot!!!!!! Well done!!!! lolol

  15. Maureen Potts

    I love it. So true though. Thanks for sharing this. Keep smiling. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. HistoryGuy

    Never a dull moment here on the avenue. Thanks for making things interesting and keeping us all on our toes.

  17. Diane

    LOL, after reading all the comments I just had to download it to see what the joke was, good one guys! I wondered what you were up to, not like you to make that kind of guarantee, although to be fair, you came through with your promise. Very good reminder for us all!

  18. Alma

    You are soooooooooooooo funny!!! I absolutely positively love you!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Juel Hilton

    By the sound of things, it was all too good to be true.
    Glad I read the comments first, might have tried to see what it was all about Have a very good, virus , spam malware protector does the lot , so far.

  20. Muriel S.

    You guys are incredible. I “smelled a rat” when I saw the size of the download, but at the same time I had no fear of you “taking over” my computer so I went along for the ride. Way to go!!!!


  21. Johor

    Go to the top of the Comedian class along with Andy Borowitz. I am going to enjoy the reaction of friends all over the place when they receive this one.

  22. Sylvia Kendall

    Just had to download and have a look to see what you were up to. I knew it wouldn’t be anything harmful. Good one! I had a laugh but what you say is so very true.

  23. Muriel S.

    I’ve been getting that same “Webpage can’t be displayed”
    too….at least the left half of it is visible. It appears immediately below your icons for Facebook, Twitter, etc. at the top of the page. However,
    I continued to scroll down and your articles appear in full, so I’m ignoring the whole thing.

    I don’t use pop-up blockers, and I haven’t changed any of my settings. Since so many others are getting that same
    message, the problem must be in cyberspace somewhere. As long as nobody messes with your articles I’m content.

  24. SN Harden

    Ha! Ha! Ha! A little early for April fools prank. I must admit I was curious. But a good one none the less.

  25. Bea Killian

    OK, My Friends! That was a “good one”, as I KNEW it would be!!! I have to note that I, too, have the “webpage cannot be found” box, but I just ignored it. Whatever does’t want me to open it didn’t stop it from showing! Love you two, and SO wish I wasn’t so darn broke! I would support you with orders and donations every week!!!! Of course, I’d also buy myself an iPad, and only God knows what all else I’d spend $$ on!! Thanks, again, for all I’ve learned from you! Bea

  26. connie tyler

    I’m also having the webpage cannot be found problem and my pop-up-blocker has never done this before.

  27. Janice

    Thanks for the laugh, I needed that today. Love you both.


  28. connie

    I disabled my pop-up-ad blocker and no longer get the—- cannot find webpage.

  29. Nancy P

    I was wondering if you had been hacked.
    Of course with your name on it, I had to trust it.

  30. Melody P.

    I must admit I clicked on the download button but felt really guilty doing it as I know that no one can make a guarantee like that! I knew there would be something worthwhile at the end of it all….and I knew it wouldn’t be a newfangled application! Thanks so much for the laugh when I needed it the most! I knew I could trust you!! I hope you two never change!

  31. Lee Connor

    I wouldn’t even download it because I thought it was a possible scam, so I went directly to your website then went to Info ave. I immediately saw from the replys what you were up to. I figured it was sometning like that since the claims were impossible to make. Good shot guys….

  32. Kim

    I knew this was a joke, but curiosity got the better of me!!! Like they say, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is!! Good one!!

  33. Helen Christensen

    I didn’t download your program but have a feeling knowing you two it would be something like disconnect and stay off the internet.

  34. Patricia Thompson

    Great, silly me downloaded it then got the joke of it…I should have woken up as I have had your site since 2002. I just love what you do to help all of us rookies that own computers. Thanks for the years of pleasure that you have given me….Patricia

  35. Jay

    I knew that was too good to be true, so I read the comments first. Nice try. Thanks

  36. Ed Gardner

    I saw your comment about your download and thought, “If anyone could develope this great of a software protection, it would be you guys.” I wanted to be one of the first million people, so I jumpped on it. I laughed for a good five minutes before I could go over the whole thing with my wife. (She didn’t get it.) I had no fear of anything going wrong because I trust both of you. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful day.

  37. Linda Willis

    I didn’t bite, because I knew it was bogus, but I enjoyed reading the comments. Keep having fun.

  38. Phyllis Tangen

    You are right about that no way to be completely safe from all the stuff out there.

    If you ever develop software for anti spyware, virus etc. I would be first to buy it.


    Hey guys, that was funny. Yet realistic it is the only way to be safe on the internet. Keep that sense of humour it will get you through the tough times. Thanks for being you, and keeping us old folks laughing.

  40. G G

    I haven’t taken the bait – yet-but I expect to be told to unplug my computer and disconnect from the phone line.And don’t click on anything while you are doing that.

  41. Kerryn

    Loved it, I knew it’d be something along those lines, very clever and very true. And what a huge response lol.

  42. Ingrid

    I do enjoy all of your articles. You two are a riot. It’s St. Patricks’ Day and I think some leprechauns have given you some help with this. Great fun. Thanks and keep up your wonderful work.

  43. Ian Buck

    no zip file , only a txt file downloaded. how do I get the zip file?

  44. Suzanne

    I dont have a zip file for windows 7 and cant download a winzip to my computer it keeps getting blocked by my ant-virus .. Now what?


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