Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly Bonus Questions & Answers: Part 21

By | April 19, 2020
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Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly Bonus Questions & Answers: Part 21

Every week we receive more questions than we can answer in our Weekly newsletter due to space restrictions. We do try to answer every question we receive personally. But many times we don’t have enough room to put all the questions we answer in our InfoAve Weekly newsletter. 

Whenever we have substantially more questions than we can answer in our newsletter, we’ll post some of them here and share them with our Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly subscribers, our InfoAve Daily subscribers and our website visitors also.

Below are some of the questions and answers we didn’t have room for in this week’s (April 17, 2020 – Issue #862) Cloudeight InfoAve Weekly newsletter.

Thanks so much to all of you who sent us your questions last week. Please keep them coming!

Shari can’t log into her Outlook account
Hello again. Trying to get onto my email/internet (outlook – – and incurred the following message. What to do now?

“Corrupted Content Error
The site at has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired. The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because an error in the data transmission was detected. Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem…”

(The email I’m using for this email is some red herring whose name I don’t know, but it’s a backup). Thanks, Shari

Our answer
Hi Shari. It looks like you bookmarked or created a shortcut to the Outlook site AFTER you logged in. When you do that the login expires. So always create a shortcut or bookmark the login page, before you log in.

The correct page to sign-in to your Microsoft account (,,,, is this:

Create a shortcut to the Outlook sign-in page and then sign-in. Don’t create shortcuts to webmail using the URL displayed after you log in. That link expires and you’ll end up getting error messages.

Patsy’s printer does not work after the last Windows update
After my last update in windows 10 version 1909, I get an error message when I try to print. The message is (printer has experienced an unexpected configuration error OX80040154). I ran the printer troubleshooter but it didn’t help. I’m 73 and no nothing about fixing these problems. I have followed you since I found your web site and you have taught me everything I know about cps. Thanks.

Our answer
Hi Patsy. Thanks for your nice comments.

The best way to fix a printer that’s not working because of an upgrade is to remove the printer this way:

Type PRINTER in taskbar search.
Press Enter when you see “Printers & Scanners” appear.
Click on your printer and click “Remove”
Unplug your printer from its power source
Restart your computer

Then reinstall the printer exactly like you did when it was new. If you don’t have installation software, you can download it from the manufacturer’s website. But whatever you do, don’t ever search for printer drivers or printer software, always go to the manufacturer’s website & look for installation software for you printer brand and model. If you have trouble finding it, don’t worry. Just let me know your printer brand and model and I’ll find it for you and send you a link to download.

The method above works every time if it’s done correctly. At least it does for me 🙂

Jim wants a good, inexpensive PDF editor
What do you recommend for PDF editing software either free or reasonably priced?

Our answer
Hi Jim. There a few good online PDF editors you can use without installing any software on your computer, here’s one:

Here’s a free PDF reader/editor with OCR capabilities ( free for home use with some restrictions) It’s called PDF-XChange and you can download it here:

To download the limited-but-useful free version click the green Download button under PDF-XChange Editor and not the one under PDF-XChange Editor Plus

Keep in mind that not all features in the free version work without a license but more than 60% of the features do not require a license to use. The remaining features, which are clearly identified, will place a ‘trial’ watermark on output if they are used without a license. If you want to pay for a license to unlock all features the cost is $43.50. But I suggest you try it first to see if all the free features meet your requirements.

There are others, of course, but these two I have used before and the worked for me without games or bundled software or malware. To be honest, I only rarely need to edit PDF documents.

I hope this helps you, Jim.

Vicki asks about “TrackOff”
I just received a promotion and was wondering if you, TC or Darcy, have heard of it or know anything about it?? The program is called TrackOFF and can be found here:

Supposedly it is one to eliminate or block a lot of information sites collect about a person? I’m just curious, and no, I have not downloaded it, lol.

Our answer
Hi Vicki. This is yet another iffy product playing upon peoples’ fears. It claims to protect you from identity theft – that’s pure prevarication. You won’t get your identity stolen because someone steals it. In fact, “Identity Theft” is not even the correct term. Identities are not stolen, people get tricked into giving up their personal information by falling for scams and by a phishing email.

While TrackOff does its best to make it seem like it free, it’s not. It’s $20 a year. And the elite version ($30 a year) which contains a VPN is nothing more than a very expensive VPN.

Let’s look at some of the claims that TrackOff makes:

“Your computer’s “IP Address” helps hackers find your exact location. TrackOFF’s VPN encrypted browsing stops them. What is a VPN and why do you need it? A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet.”

A hacker can never find your exact location from your IP address. To get your “exact location” they would need a subpoena or a warrant to get your exact location from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Anyone with an internet connection can find out your general location from your IP address i.e. Cleveland, Ohio. Hiding this with a VPN does not protect you from anything unless you’re planning on doing something iffy or illegal. A VPN can keep your ISP from logging the sites you visit. I prefer to bore my ISP with the sites I visit. An ISP would have no reason to read your logs unless the suspected you of misusing their services. I’m quite sure they don’t read people’s logs just for entertainment.

“See who’s trying to track you and stop them. Ever wonder who’s watching you online? TrackOFF shows each website trying to follow you.”

No website is going to track you to harm you or threaten your family or ruin your life. If they do “track” you, they are doing it to sell you something. What the heck is TrackOff trying to do? They’re hypocrites – they’re trying to sell you something too. If you want to stop tracking use a privacy browser like Epic or Brave. They’re free. But you still won’t have privacy. We are in an era where privacy does not exist and it’s time we all get used to it.

“Identity theft protection. Identity theft protection Your computer has unique fingerprints used to identify & track you. TrackOFF works like a glove that protects them.”

Hackers don’t steal your identity from your computer’s IP address or “fingerprints”. Your computer’s fingerprints are things like the browser you use and your operating system. Not your Social Security number, your phone number, your home address, your driver’s license number, your passwords, your bank account numbers, etc. Hackers & criminals trick you by getting you to voluntarily give up your personal information. For instance, just this morning we had a person write to us who was tricked into giving up her email address passwords. Now, once the hackers have your email password, and you store personal information in your email archives.. well you can imagine.

“Private search. Your search queries are monitored and shared on normal search engines. TrackOFF’s private search lets you perform searches without anyone watching.”

If you’re really concerned about Google, Bing, Yahoo or some other search engine watching what you search for (and it’s ludicrous to worry about this with so many other more important things to worry about), then use a free privacy search engine like or . They are free. There is no need to pay someone $20 or $30 a year for this.

As you can tell I get irritated when a person or a company uses fear to sell something – especially something like TrackOff.

Use your good common sense, be careful, and stay safe. Don’t let false claims and nonsensical hyperbole motivate you to spend money on something you don’t need – and can’t possibly work as described.

I hope this helps you, Vicki.
Vicki wrote back: “Hi TC, I had the feeling it was a program out to ‘get you’, to spend money somehow, but as it was something I hadn’t heard of before this morning. I figured if someone knew about it, it would you. I had no intention of downloading it but had hope that others wouldn’t be pulled into the scheme of things. Thanks so much for the information! I appreciate all you and Darcy do for all of us. GBU Vicki”

George wants Office 365 for his daughter’s computer
First, I would really be lost without you guys and your weekly letter(s).

Problem: I went in to buy a copy of Office 365 for my daughter’s computer. I bought the $69 version, but it appears that if I’m using my computer and I order the $69 version I can only install on my computer.

Question: Must I change subscription now to put it on her computer? I don’t need it on mine.

I have already paid the $74+ for the current subscription and need to know either how to put it on her computer or how to change subscription now without having to pay both subscription charges. WHEW! Lots of words there and probably clear as mud. Thanks.

Our answer
Hi George. Thanks! Office 365 is based on your Microsoft sign-in. Office 365 Personal ($69 version) can only be used on one computer. Once you install it on your PC it can’t be installed on another PC. If you pay $99 up to 5 people can you use it.

Unfortunately, there is no way to move an Office 365 subscription to a different Microsoft account. To continue using Office under the current scenario, she would have to log into your account in Office at least once every 30 days. The only alternative is as you’ve probably already guessed is to upgrade to Office 365 Home. If you do that, you would need to share your subscription as described below (just in case you need this info)

Share your Office 365 Home subscription

Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Rose wants to know the best way to copy transfer files from one computer to another
Hi TC and EB. I would like to know what is the best or a good way to transfer files from a pc to a laptop?

Thanks for all your help and advice. Rose

Our answer
Hi Rose. The best way to do it is to back up the files on an external hard drive. Then you can transfer the files to a new (or another) computer. If you don’t have an external drive, you can buy an external hard drive (1 terabyte) for $50 or less.

You can also use a cloud storage service like One Drive if you have enough space. If you have enough space. For example, if you have MS Office installed, you get 1 TB of One Drive space which should be plenty for backing up/transferring files. And keep in mind with One Drive files are accessible from all your devices so you really wouldn’t have to copy/transfer them.

Either way, the easiest way to copy (transfer) files from one device to another is to back them up first, then you can copy them anywhere.

If you have any more questions, just let me know.

Patty wants to know if LastPass is out of business
Has Last Pass gone out of business? It has completely disappeared from my computer and has left me high and dry. I have to set new passwords every time I try to open anything. I can’t even go to Last to sign on or contact them, because the page disappears when I try? Just wondering if it is just me or if they are gone.

Our answer
Hi Patty. LastPass is still in business (actually it’s owned by GoToAssist/LogMeIn). Most people install LastPass as a browser Extension. It displays as a button on your browser’s toolbar, but it does not show up in your start menu. So, if you tell me what browser you use, I’ll tell you how to find it.

If you want t visit the LastPass website, it’s still alive and kickin’ at

Be Safe!

Nora asks about email stationery & photo editing
Greetings and Happy Spring! I miss the good old days when I could add stationery and music to my emails using Windows XP and Outlook express. Now with Windows 10 are there any reliable, honest sites that let you do that? Are there any reliable, honest, photo editing sites that don’t “bundle”. Thanks for any information.

Our answer
Hi Nora. Stationery (musical, scrolling, non-musical, non-scrolling) is not a function of a website, it’s a function of email programs and the stationery itself. Right now we’re testing an email program thoroughly that can use non-scrolling stationery natively (without any plugin or addons). The developer is working hard on it and it’s nearly ready for prime time – but not quite yet.

Thunderbird uses a plugin to make stationery work but currently, the plugin does not work with newer versions of Thunderbird. And we are not sure if/when the developer of the plugin will update it.

Sites that have good photo editing capabilities are plentiful, but good ones are not so plentiful. Here’s one that is free and has a lot of photo editing tools.

I hope this helps you.

You made it! Thanks for reading the extra questions and answers from Cloudeight InfoAve. 

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