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By | March 24, 2011
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Human Body

We all have one. And guys? I’m not talking about that kind of body. We’re a family newsletter, let’s keep those thoughts clean. We’re talking about the human body in the scientific and educational way – like we all should. Right?

The human body is a miraculous thing. Most of us sitting here pecking around computers don’t even stop and think what’s going on in our bodies right now:

I’m hungry
I need a beer
I wonder where the cat is
I’m hungry
I wonder if I can get a nap in before my wife/husband comes home
Why I am broke?
I’m hungry
Wonder if I will the lottery?
I’m hungry

All the while we’re thinking this stuff, the heart is beating, the belly is churning, the liver is livering, the spleen is spleening, the intestines are – well let’s not go there. You get the picture.

Our site of the week has lots of REAL information about the human body – written by experts – of which I am not one. There’s even an interactive human body on the site you can play with. Guys! Stop it! I’m serious here.

You can learn about the senses, organs, the brain, and all the other hocus pocus that is going on in there – when the only thing you’re doing is slacking off and wondering when dinner is going to be done, because some small gland somewhere is yelling “Meatloaf!” “Meatloaf!” – and I don’t mean the singer either.

Enough of this. If you’re interested in what makes your body tick – or how your senses work (EB! I do too have some sense!) – or what strange things happen inside your body – please take a look at this week’s site of the week “Human Body“.

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