Controlling Active Windows using your Keyboard

By | May 26, 2012
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If you are like TC, a control freak, and you’re  busy all the time, you probably have many windows open at once. Clicking your mouse can be tiresome and time consuming.. at least for TC who thinks more than one step to complete a task is more than anyone should endure (i.e., going all the way to the fridge to get a beer?)

You can quickly switch between your email, browser, e-mail, graphic programs, messenger, and other programs without taking your hands off the keyboard, or your beer!

  • Minimize a window to your taskbar
    ALT – SPACEBAR – N (in one-at-a-time quick sequence, not at the same time)
  • Maximize a window so it takes up your whole desktop
    ALT – SPACEBAR – X (in sequence)
  • Switch to the last window you had open
    Hold down ALT, then click TAB key
  • Switch to any open program/window
    While holding down the ALT key, press TAB key until the window you want is visible/on top
  • Close a window
    Hold down ALT key, then click F4
  • Restore a window so it’s visible but does not take up your whole desktop
    ALT – SPACEBAR – R (in sequence)

If you use the commands often, you will find that it gets really automatic for you after a while; you will be much more efficient! And the beer will be colder. No, that doesn’t belong here – besides people in Europe like warm beer!

One thought on “Controlling Active Windows using your Keyboard

  1. Harold

    All of these tips are great but how does one remember them , dont forget our minds are not what they used to be when we were much younger then I did not have to make notes it was all in my head, now I have all to do to remember where my head is. But thank you all of your info is the greatest keep up the good work


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