Count your change quickly and easily with this Cloudeight site pick

By | May 3, 2011
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We all have coin jars or baskets or barrels or something we through all our change into. And wouldn’t you know that some erudite and astute web designer / mathematician has created a site that will tell you how much money you’ve accumulated in your coin jar – or wherever you toss your loose change. As far as we know this site works only for those of you who live in the U.S. A. It doesn’t work in countries where coins are made of real precious metals or stones. But it works with American coins which are made out of  Chinese steel and stuff like that.

Not much to babble about here. If you have a jar (or tub, or basket, or barrel) full of U.S. coins – you might want to give our site pick a try. It might just save you a lot of wrapping. You might think you have $1200.50 in coins and you may only have $2.18 – money just isn’t worth what it used to be, is it.

Go ahead and count your change the easy way. And after you do, you won’t have to wash your hands unless your keyboard is cruddy like TC’s. Visit today’s site pick and see how much all those coins add up to.

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