Do You Have an Apple or Android Device? We’d Like to Know.

By | March 16, 2014
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More and more of our readers are using other devices to connect to the Internet. While almost all of you connect to the Internet using a Windows laptop or desktop, many of you access the Internet using iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, Android phones and/or Chromebooks.

In today’s poll, we’d like you to tell us what other devices you use to connect to the Internet. Not only will it be interesting to learn what you like, it will help us to decide what kinds of tips, tricks, Web site picks, and freeware picks to choose for our newsletters. We’d love to add and Android / Apple section to our newsletters, but only if it works for a good percentage of you.

In short, it’s not all about Windows anymore – it’s about the Web, the Internet and the devices that help you connect.

If you use an Android device (including Kindle Fire) and an Apple Device, you can select both in our poll.

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34 thoughts on “Do You Have an Apple or Android Device? We’d Like to Know.

  1. juvy

    We have two android tablets… 7 and 10″….. but seldom use it for surfing the net…. that’s much quicker and easier on our desktop. The tablets are used to show off photos and play games when waiting somewhere…..doctors, restaurants, friends….. etc…
    Seems that all the FREE wi-fi connections usually don’t even let us upload e-mails… or are so slow it’s just not worth it. We have a suspicion that maybe it’s the price tag on our tablets….. maybe i-pads would be faster?


      ive got an apple ipad so fast cost more but well worth it
      laso got a tablet but not very fast

      apple ipad anytime

      1. infoave Post author

        iPads are tablets. I really don’t think many run their business on iPads or any tablet. You can’t even multitask well on an iPad. Think how good Windows would run if you could only run one program at a time.

        Android tablets are less expensive, have just as many apps available, work just as well, and cost much less. iPads are nice too.

  2. Joyce

    I have a Kindle Fire but only use it to read my mail or go on Facebook. I don’t surf the web with it. I use my PC for surfing.

  3. Lainey

    Kindle Fire HD, but mostly for games and books. Occastionally to access Facebook or weather, but usually still use my pc for surfing.

  4. Linda

    I rarely use my phone or Kindle just for surfing purposes, but I do use the Kindle Fire for reading my secondary (Hotmail) email or catching up on Facebook. I also use a GPS program on my phone to plan gas stops along the way and/or find interesting things to visit while travelling with my boyfriend, who is a truck driver. We have a jetpack in the truck that allows us to stay connected. We both have laptops for use at home and for when we make longer stops, making use of free WiFi when available.

  5. Maureen Thompson

    I have an Android 10 inch. I get my mail without a problem, I use it on The Hill, the only thing I can’t do is copy and paste a graphic on the Hill. I copy and it goes into clipboard, can’t find clipboard when I need it. !!

  6. Philip Reeves

    I have an android phone. I never use it except for making calls and deleting those debit card alerts when I use my card. Typing passwords on my android phone is very difficult. If you hit a wrong key, it’s hard to know if you corrected it properly. If you didn’t you have to start all over. I wish I didn’t buy it.

    1. Carrie

      I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and i absolutely love it. It is by far the best piece of technology Ive had the pleasure of owning.
      Ive bought several Android tablets and ended up returning them all due to their slowness. Tablets are just like computers except that people tend to not pay attention to the processor and ram in them and end up with a glorified arcade game.
      I thought my touch screen laptop was the cats meow until I got this phone, lol. It is as fast if not faster then my laptop and its almost as big as a tablet so now I don’t need a tablet 🙂

  7. Helen

    I have a kindle fire and use it more than my laptop these days. I agree you can’t do every thing on them but emails web and games it is great for. Would not be without it now so easy to use.

  8. Jan

    I have an android phone. Used mainly for phone calls and getting email. Would like to get a tablet some day. Am thinking of the Kindle Fire.

  9. Dennis

    I have very low vision the iPad works best for me. I use it for ALMOST everything. Just purchased an 17 inch laptop with windows 8.1 touch screen to replace my win 7 desktop may have made a very expensive mistake.

  10. Gene Bousquet

    I have an Android phone and it’s great for keeping up to date with my emails and news. I publish a 16 page newsletter each month for my homeowners association of 400 families and must keep up to all the news as it breaks. I never use the phone or text while driving. The Android phone is the tool of my trade and I depend on it every day. It comes in handy when I need to Google a question and need an answer quickly. I wouldn’t want to be without it!

  11. Phyllis Adams

    I have an ipad & iphone. Use the ipad for lots of things. Email, Surfing FB & the web, play games,visiting nothill, shopping. Only bad thing about it is that it does not have flash. Many things require flash to view. If not for that I would not need my laptop anymore.

  12. Carole

    Just switched to an iMac PC. Couldn’t take the foolishness and arrogance of Micro Soft anymore. I loved XP and would have continued to use it forever.

    1. Shirley Mooney

      Me, too! So tired of fooling with Microsoft windows. Love my new iMac desktop. I also have an iPad which I purchased for my grandson to play games and do educational stuff. I have the iPhone which I’ll always stick with! Guess it’s Apple products for me from now on! Have depended on and appreciated Cloudeight over the past years.. They have helped me solve many issues with Microsoft products. Hopefully the topic of Apple will become more common.

  13. Nancy Wilson

    We have 2 iPads and would not trade them for anything with Microsoft on it. We do have pc s as well, but both of us are in 70s and find the ipad so extremely useful and easy to use , take them everywhere with us as wifi is so available today. If hotels/motels charge for wifi, don’t go there…they are learning… USA is worse for charging than Canada ever was. Only thing as stated here is the lack of flash, but YouTube and all work fine. Batteries last much much longer than our laptops also. Thank you guys ….still read all your emails.

  14. Nancy Phipps

    I have a Samsung Android tablet but pretty much only use it on the road. I use my desktop for most things.

  15. Dianna Hansen

    I have an iPad that I use for iMessages, web searches, checking my bank acct., playing games, finding my way to a new location, and FB. I still get my emails and do my finances and office work on my desktop using XP.

  16. Marlene

    I have an Apple iPad, which I use for e-mails, I find it very useful for traveling, no cost to send pictures or e-mails home. Good games to keep you occupied when on a plane.

  17. Sue Cooper

    I have none of these things. I have a phone that is capable of doing the web, but I do not subscribe to a data plan. Being able to text on it is all I need. That’s only a few dollars more. I have a Kindle Keyboard that is also able to go on the internet. It has email, but I do not use it. I used it once when I first got my Kindle just to see if it worked. (email) It did. But I’d rather use my desktop and laptop for that. I occasionally use the internet on it for downloading books from Amazon, but that’s about it. It would be nice to have a smartphone, but at 70, I don’t really need all of the capabilities it has. Nor the additional cost. I have a stand alone GPS. So, no, I don’t need all that extra news on your newsletter. make it a separate one. I’ve been with you for approximately 20 years. Keep up the good work.

  18. Elizabeth Peterson

    I have an Android tablet I use sometimes at the hospital &etc. while having to wait, but I have a desk computer and I have just gotten a windows eight H P laptop (which I hate !!) and my regular computer is a Vista 7. I have no need for anything but my desktop except when I have to go somewhere to send messages. I like to keep up on “not over the hill.” lots of friends there.

  19. Cheri

    I have a Kindle e book to read all of my 4,000 plus books on the Cloud. Great for reading in the sun. I have a Kindle Fire HD to paly games, other useful apps and email. I have free texting app so I can text all of my family and friends. I watch free TV shows and free movies with my Amazon Prime. I surf the web on my computer. There are so many free books and educational games for children, we went and got all of our three grandkids a Kindle Fire HD (3 different families.) Age two thru four. Have definitely seen improvement in speak and learning abilities. Love my Kindle Fire HD. Have had since Dec 2012 and E reader since 2008.

  20. Ken Roberts

    I have an Apple device it automatically peels them and takes the core right out of them suckers .

  21. Frosch Polster

    I have both an Apple iPhone and an Android HTC; however, I’ll probably give up using the iPhone sometime this year. I also have a Kindle fire, Samsung Chromebook, and a Samsung tablet; each is used for specific purposes and each of the three get pretty much equal usage throughout the day.

  22. Michael C.

    I use my Android tablet as an alarm clock. It’s so hard to use for anything else!

  23. Sue Cooper

    I first replied to this in March 2014. I’m now 71, have a Windows smartphone and a Kindle Fire HD 9″. I use both of these more than my desktop. I rarely use my laptop at all. Just thought you might be interested in what a difference a year can make.

  24. Jean Cheeseman

    I have a Samsung Android tablet, I read books, watch movies and do some word processing. I love it. BUT I cannot receive emails, I can send them but not recieve them, I have even checked all the information with my laptop they are exactly the same, very frustrating

  25. Janis McElhaney

    I have an HP 10 inch tablet that I don’t care much for except for playing a game of solitaire or checking FB which doesn’t work as well as I would like it too. I want to uninstall a lot of “stuff” but haven’t spent much time with that. It is slow to start, slow to do most anything and I think it is because of all the programs that HP stuck on it. Been a year trying to figure it all out. I also have a Kindle Fire which works quite well but I don’t use it much. It is much faster.

  26. maggie cipryk

    I have an Apple I pad and would love for you all to add your expert info on it’s use. We are both new to it.

  27. Cindy Whitaker

    Just upgraded from a 5s iphone to XR – Love it! Also just upgraded to Fire 10 from a Kindle Fire 7 – love it also. I keep my Kindle Fire with me all the time, use it for everything, when I can’t use our desk top, as hubby usually has it preoccupied. The new Kindle surfs the web really fast…I get my email on it – but do not on my phone – that’s a little much for me. Would love to have tips for the Kindle…


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