Emsisoft – you’ve done it again!

By | January 30, 2015
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Emsisoft – you’ve done it again!

Emsisoft finished #1 in the 4th quarter testing done by the well-respected independent testing lab Virus Bulletin making us even more glad that Emsisoft is our #1 choice for computer protection. We’ve yammered on and on about how great Emsisoft is, but here’s something you have not read — Virus Bulletin’s Choice Award… read on:

The Virus Bulletin-testers specifically pointed out Emsisoft’s excellent detection rate and history of flawless detection of Windows comparatives. With no false positives and close to a 100% detection rate, Emisoft Anti-Malware left 20+ vendors behind in ranking.

Our newly revamped interface also received an honorable mention- we are very proud of our new sleek interface and are pleased our users enjoy it!


“… a very clean and attractive new look, with large, clear emblems and text, and nice use of color to indicate status. The layout is simple to navigate and a decent set of basic configuration options are provided.”

– See more at: http://blog.emsisoft.com/2014/11/21/emsisoft-anti-malware-wins-vb100-award/#sthash.OBI4kV5o.dpuf

 Don’t forget our crazy $5.00 Installation sale…

Oh and did you know this weekend we’re still offering our crazy $5.00 installation of Emsisoft? That’s right for $34.95 we will give you a one-year Emsisoft license, plus…

  • We’ll remove your current anti-virus program
  • We’ll clean all malware, PUPs and scamware from your computer
  • We’ll optimize your start-ups and start-up services
  • We’ll install Emsisoft and configure it for optimal protection
  • Get more information and sign on here.

Are we nuts?  Well yes, kind of. We really believe Emsisoft will keep your computer protected from viruses, Trojans, PUPs, malware, scamware, and rogues. And it’s true many anti-virus offerings protect against viruses and Trojans, but only Emsisoft provides world-class protection from the bad guys you’ll most likely encounter almost every day on the Web – PUPs, Malware, and Scamware.

We’r nuts but we’re not too nuts. The $5.00 installation sale ends on February 2 don’t wait for the groundhog to see his shadow…if you do you’ll miss our crazy sale.

Get more details about our $5 installation sale here.



3 thoughts on “Emsisoft – you’ve done it again!

  1. pb

    I’ve been using Emsisoft since you first introduced it and I love it! No regrets here……

  2. JoanneJ

    Hurray for Emsisoft!!! What a treasure you are – and PTL for Cloudlight making us aware of you and helping us connect with you!!


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