Emsisoft – You’ve Done it Again!

By | February 2, 2016
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Emsisoft – You’ve Done it Again!

Several years ago, we stopped recommending MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials / Windows Defender) because of its poor ratings and because of its poor protection. And this was about the same time as Malwarebytes stopped detecting a lot of the PUPs it once detected and removed. So we were on a mission to find a replacement for MSE and one for Malwarebytes.

We spent a month testing free and paid antivirus/anti malware programs – we tested at least a dozen. This is when we discovered a rather obscure (at the time) company called Emsisoft. We both tested it – and we tested it well. We used it on several computers. We used it on a virtual machine and threw all manner of malware and viruses at it, and it never failed us. We were amazed that a program that was not very well known beat out the big boys and the big two free antivirus program. But before we went forward and started to recommend it, we tested Emsisoft’s support team.

Keep in mind, at that time, we were not testing it as Cloudeight, we were testing it as individuals. We both wrote testing their support and we were again amazed when we received replies from their support team in a matter of hours – not days.

We made up our mind to start recommending Emsisoft when hardly anyone had heard of them. We were putting our reputation on the line; our faith in the effectiveness of Emsisoft was that strong.

Our decision to recommend Emsisoft has been vindicated over and over as Emsisoft continued to win award after award and continue to score among the best in independent lab tests.

Now, again, Emsisoft has received more awards from another independent antivirus testing lab, AV Comparatives. And we could not be happier to be affiliated with such great company and such great people as Emsisoft and the Emsisoft team.

We are happy to share with you the latest AV Comparative Test results – and this article from the Emsisoft blog.

It’s the second year running we’ve made the Top Rated Product list by AV-Comparatives, and the first time we got a Bronze award (or two, to be precise). This is what went through our heads, when the results came in:

Frank (QA): “This is amazing!”

Davlat (Sales): “Can you believe it? We beat the big boys again…”

Elise (Malware Lab): “Yes!! This is why we work our a** off every day. So worth it!”

Christian (CEO): “You know, we should try to be better next time…”

Monika (Marketing): “Three awards? How are we going to squeeze that into one single newsletter…?”

We’re really delighted to be recognized for producing marvellous anti-malware software. However, this by no means allows us to sit back and take things easy here at Emsisoft. Quite the opposite: We always strive to live up to our users’ expectations and set the bar higher every time. Malware never sleeps and nor will we.

Thank you for believing in us and being part of our amazing journey.

Read more and the test summary results here.

Want to buy or  renew Emsisoft? 

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14 thoughts on “Emsisoft – You’ve Done it Again!

  1. Deanna Baugh

    I love Emsisoft…I have renewed twice now and I will continue to do so, I am so very happy with it! Thank you for recommending it to us!

    1. Bill Collins

      I have been using Emisoft for 2 years now and very pleased,
      a question i would like to ask wil it work with i phone’s

  2. kiwibarb

    I have been using Emsisoft since July 2013, never regretted that choice, don’t want to know about any other protection as long as Emsisoft keeps up its well-deserved reputation.
    It’s not only the program that works, the STAFF are right there for their customers and leave no stone unturned to ensure that our concerns are satisfactorily dealt with. Thank you EB and TC for introducing Emsisoft to your clients, and thanks also to Emsisoft for their care.

  3. Pam

    Totally agree that Emsisoft is the best! I have been using it for a year now and have already renewed early through the Cloudeight website. Support is also awesome!

    Kudos to you, T.C. and E.B. for testing and recommending Emsisoft. As always, your guidance in “everything” is greatly appreciated.


  4. Stephen Greene

    Emsisoft is the best program that I have ever used. I recommend it to everyone that I know that is having problems.

  5. Joanne

    This company is the best of them all!! I began using it 3 years ago, on your recommendation and have never regretted that decision. As one who is not really computer savvy, it is a blessing to have such a company that can be trusted. Thank you one and all!!

  6. broadhead

    done it again well done ( been with you from the begining)

  7. tom morrow

    Do they support in England?
    What happens in real life if I change when a current AV & Tuner contract expires & I quit it. I’ve always worried such companies leave something damaging on PCs they loose – could this be detected by Emsisoft if that was the case?
    Maybe I’m over sensitive or even paranoid but I blame AV companies’ marketing for this ?

    Thanks again for your daily help Team C8 – just upgraded to W10 & a Lumia950 XL so not the easiest time of my life!!

    1. infoave Post author

      Emsisoft supports users Worldwide. They’re are, in fact, a European company. When we remove someone’s antivirus we remove all it thoroughly – we don’t leave anything behind. We also run a dedicated malware scan before installing Emsisoft and then rune another scan with Emsisoft to be sure you’re starting off with a completely malware free session.


  8. Shirley

    I love Emsisoft and have used it since you recommended it. In fact, you installed it on my computer. I too, want to thank you for recommenting it to us.

  9. JoninOz

    Emsisoft, accolades to the everyone in the team, and to TC & EB who work tirelessly behind the scenes to test and scrutinise programmes before recommending them to members and readers. As ‘they’ say in Australia, Emsisoft (and it relates to others) they have an office ‘across the creek’ in New Zealand….. 😉

  10. JoninOz

    typo !! (first)THE ….. we need Mike Nesmith’s mum with her ‘white-out’.

  11. Ron Warn

    I, too, am all for Emsisoft and any program they offer. I was unable download their program recently because they said I must delete the old program which I did, Ithought. I’ve searched everywhere for the remaining trace left of the old program and can’t locate it anywhere, So I’m dead in the water as far as downloading a new Emsisoft program because the computer won’t let me. ????!!! Also, the Windows Driver update for Windows XP, is it a free program as implied in the ad above?? A screen popped up and said it would cost me $29.00 plus if I clicked on their enticing ads and I wasn’t sure if it can be had for free????

  12. D.

    The one thing I did do after reading that comparative report. I did go back into Emsisoft Anti- Malware and into ‘File Guard’, I moved the scan level from Balanced to Thorough.

    The people that did not read that comparative report should go back and read it for the reason’s why. It is nothing really bad I just think it gives you more protection. It was recommended by that comparative report telling why. Emsisoft was commenting to on it.

    At this time I think it is a good program.

    You will always have a flavor of the month but Emsisoft seems to be doing good.


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