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By | April 28, 2011
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I’m bushed. I need a beer and I need to soak my aging fingers in a nice warm cake. So you’re in luck. The yammering and yuk-yukking is almost over. I’ve summoned up about all the creativity my creaky, cob-webby mind had left, in my futile attempt to keep you from falling asleep and keep you and your grinning self engrossed in the depths of our mesmerizing venerable publications. We’ve taken you from the bowels of Norton to the screaming-fast wonders of ReadyBoost to the heights of the down and dirty Thillas of the Zillas….

I am about to retreat into the recesses of my own mind and assure you that the recesses of my mind are absolutely nothing like the innocent recesses of your grade school days.

And because our site pick today has what it takes to keep each one of you entertained as you search for things to do in your area, I will leave you with some final words and turn this over to the developers of our site of the week, a bunch of rich, privileged M.I.T. students who created it one night after draining several beer bongs and who knows what else.

I searched for “Women” in my area, and Goby directed me to a nursing home nearby. Now you may think I’m kidding, but I’m not. And now I’m wondering how Goby knew…

From the guys and gals who developed Goby after a wild party off-campus:

“Goby is a search engine focused on exploring fun things to do with your free time, from taking a unique vacation to creating this weekend’s adventure.

Goby was first created in the MIT research labs.

Our two main goals:

Help to solve frustrations involved in planning free-time activities.

With Goby you do one search, specifying what you want to do, where and when to find what you need about a desired trip or leisure activity, rather than hopping around from Web site to Web site and sorting through pages and links to often irrelevant info.

Provide a superior search experience

Goby explores the depths of the Web to access the richest sources of hard-to-find information for your free time activities. The results are organized in a way that’s easy to understand and use, rather than serving up page after page of Web sites that just happen to contain your key words.

Why Goby, You Ask?
Great question. The simple answer, we had no choice. We’re cursed with the love of travel and experiencing new things in life! Goby was created to solve the frustrations involved in planning your everyday adventures and free-time activities. Our goal is to stop the madness and eliminate the need to hop around to multiple Web sites and sort through information that’s often incomplete and/or irrelevant or hard to find. Also, we’re total technology geeks and love to build stuff for the sake of building it.”

I really don’t know what else to say. You’ll like this site. Really. Goby is our site pick today because it is useful – unlike many of our sites of the week which we (EB picks) pick because they are not.

You’re invited to visit our site pick today and see what students from M.I.T. can come up with after wild campus parties. Kind of makes you wish you wish you were back in college, doesn’t it? Why do we have to get old, EB?

Our runner up site pick was The Rusty Pickle, but EB forbade me from writing about it. She’s so proper. It’s so lewdly lugubrious I can’t even give you the link.

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