Free Ebooks for Kindle Fire (and other e-readers too)

By | January 19, 2013
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Got a Kindle Fire? Want free ebooks?
Kindle Fire (all versions)

Amazon offers tens of thousands of free ebooks for your Kindle Fire, but finding them can be difficult. Unless you have the patience of Job, you’d love an easier way to find the tens of thousands of free ebooks available.

There are two Web sites we can recommend that make it easy to download free ebooks for your Kindle Fire.

1. Daily Free E-books

This site features several ebooks every day that can be downloaded totally free. And the great part about this site is that you can actually browse through the site on your PC and download ebooks to your Kindle. Just find the book you want to download, click it, read the reviews (if you like) then click the Download for Kindle. You’ll be sent to an Amazon order page, but the price will say $0.00 – a price you can’t beat, unless you know someone who will pay you to read their books, and if so, tell us who they are 🙂

2. Free Book Sifter

While not as nicely designed as Daily Free E-books, this site is a repository of thousands of free ebooks in every genre you can imagine. If you like thrillers and mysteries for example, just click Thrillers and Mysteries from the menu on the left-side of the page. When you find the book you want to read, click it and you’ll be transported to Amazon’s order page where you can “buy” the book for $0.00.

One word of caution. Amazon has been known to change the pricing on some e-books. So some ebooks which were once free may no longer be free. But when you come to the Checkout page, the price is clearly indicated, if you want a free ebook and the price shows anything other than $0.00 don’t click the Buy button. It rarely happens, but it can happen, so just be careful to check the price before you click “Buy”.

6 thoughts on “Free Ebooks for Kindle Fire (and other e-readers too)

  1. Gay

    Thanks for the eBook links! I have a Kindle 2nd generation eReader, and the Nook Simple Touch as well. And with both the Kindle and Nook apps on my IPad, I’m always happy to find good, free books to read!

  2. Ms Moommist

    Thank you again for a great service. I’m always looking for good children books for my grandson and because of your link I’ve found several for free.

  3. Beverly

    Thanks for the links. I love to read and I have read many very good books that were free. A lot of free ebooks are by new authors trying to get recognized by self publishing their work in an ebook and offering it for free. Some of my favorites have had some success and are earning a little money on their books now. I don’t have a Kindle but I use my Asus tablet for reading ebooks from all sources.

  4. Sondra

    Thanks for these links for free reading material! I love to read and I have lots to choose from now!

  5. Peter

    Thanks for the great links. I love digital reading ! Especially when it’s free ! The only thing is that I don’t like to registrate to download a free copy. There are so many free ebook sites where registration is not required…I found this great list on whereyou can filter on the free ebook sites that do not require registration…


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