Google to Give Away 15.5 million Computers Starting April 15, 2015

By | March 31, 2015
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Google to Give Away 15.5 million Google Laptop Computers

From: MaxxWiredNews, March 31, 2015

In a surprise announcement today, Google, Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) said it will be offering 15.5 million Google Laptops – which it calls GoogleBooks – available for free, on a first come, first served basis.

Google spokesperson, Shari Bramault, said the promotion will start on April 15, 2015 and will continue until all of the GoogleBooks have been given away. In a press conference yesterday, Ms. Bramault said the free GoogleBooks feature 14″ HD screens, 4 GB of RAM, a 128 GB Solid State Hard Drive, and are  WiFi and Ethernet capable. GoogleBooks will be available in three colors – blue, black and pearl white – and while customers can indicate a color preference, Google will not guarantee that a customer will receive the computer in the color they chose. “We will make every effort to accommodate color preferences but we simply can’t guarantee colors”, Bramault said.

In order to receive the free GoogleBook laptop, customers are required to pay a $29.95 shipping, insurance  & handling charge for each device ordered. Google said the laptops will be shipped via FedEx or UPS depending upon the customer’s location. Customers must also agree to a special Google’s Terms of Service which restricts users from modifying the device in any way. Google also said in their press release today that there is a strict limit of one free GoogleBook per household.

Hopeful customers can start placing orders for free GoogleBooks starting at midnight Pacific Daylight Time (U.S.) April 15, 2015; Ms. Bramault urged Customers to submit their orders as early as possible on that day. Most experts expect  Google will run out of free computers within 8 to 10 hours after the giveaway launches.

Market analysts say the promotion will cost Google nearly $50 billion and doubt Google will offer free computers again. Market analyst Marcum Wayneskeet of Blue Nations Press said: “The logistics and cost of this giveaway are unprecedented and I personally can’t imagine Google repeating this type of event…” 

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34 thoughts on “Google to Give Away 15.5 million Computers Starting April 15, 2015

  1. Harold F

    I would and could use one but with my luck this would never happen

  2. Sharon

    You had me there for a minute! As I was reading, I kept wondering about the advice you always give, ” if something is too true to be good it probably isn’t!!!!!”


    a bit early only 9:58pm march 31 here for april fools joke but a great one!!!
    HEY EB IS firing someone on APRIL 1 ,2015 . THE STORY WRITER!!!

  4. Colleen

    Not that I am going to try to get one BUT how can this be an April Fools joke? Being I recieved the email from Cloudeight at 2:18pm PST 31March. Just sayin.

  5. Colleen

    LOLOL Well dang it …. I went back and cliked to read the rest of the article and APRIL FOOL’S. got me. LOL

  6. Clint Horton

    That HAD to be TC, Darcy is much too nice to have done that!!!

  7. Muriel.S

    You’e sooooo mean. You almost had me with the headline. As I read the article, I kept thinking about the Apple school giveaway years ago (then the soaking the schools had to take to get software). Well anyway, I kept reading….waiting for the $$$ “catch”….which never came.

  8. Nancy White

    I don’t really think this google announcement is funny at all! I’m on SS and I was all excited to get one as I can’t afford a new computer. AND it’s not even April 1st yet.

  9. Jeanne

    You’re lucky you are far far away from me right now. 🙂 It’s just past 7 a.m. and I am not fully awake and yep, I walked right into that one. THEN it hit me.

  10. Janice M

    LOL! What a wonderful way to to tell us all HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY!

    1. Janice M

      OOPS, I hit send too soon–just wanted to say thanks so much for providing us with all the fun–is there a vacancy next door? What a hoot!

  11. Gerry Myers

    That’s no fair guys…….First thing in the morning here in the UK and I get taken with the first April fools joke from you terrors…Just because you are gurus of the Internet and we believe your words……AND YOU KNEW IT !!!!!

  12. Anne

    ok……..i admit it………you got me!!! i was getting ready to make a note on my calendar……sigh

  13. Robin

    That was a good one. Right before reading I was wondering what prank I could use on my significant other today!

  14. Lynn S.

    Lighten up people……’s a joke!!
    You’re supposed to laugh you know.

  15. D.

    I was already dusting off a place for it then I remembered April the 1st. I think Cloudeight should have to buy us all one considering we got are hopes up…ha-ha! What do you think! I think they said $50 billion for the promotion. That is going to be a lot of donations being asked for to pay that off. Could you please take my name off your email list after you send me my lap top…just kidding!

    1. Darcy (Eightball)

      I will save TCs paycheck for a few weeks and buy you all that laptop!! Problem is.. you will have to share it. His pay will only buy one 🙂

  16. Steph

    Don’t even have to read the article to know this is a great April Fool’s Day joke lol. Good job 🙂

  17. Vivien

    This is so funny, as you know there is always people wanting something for nothing, you got us all why because we believe in you, and I can bet I know who’s idea this is. Now thanks for the laughs and have a Happy Easter, maybe you can give everyone a big Easter egg.
    Free of course.

    1. Darcy (Eightball)

      It was NOT my idea!! I read it, and immediately put the date on my calendar to wake me up at midnight.. then I asked TC what time zone they would be using. He says.. didn’t you click the link to see? He got me .. fair and square! I was all excited … but then, at least I got something to excite me for a few minutes!!

      1. Muriel.S

        And just think Darcy, TC is gonna take all the credit for something that “got you all excited”…. for a minute or two, anyway. Then, he’ll beg you for a big enough raise to buy more than one of those “gadgets” to make the sharing a little easier. Be careful though. If he spends all his money on those “gadgets”, you’ll have to feed him for a few months. Uh Oh!!!!

  18. Shirley Seefeldt

    You Know, before I was half way through reading about the Google Give Away, I remembered that it was April 1st. and became suspicious. He almost got me. Dacy, give him a beating with a “wet noodle”. But, do tell TC, thanks for the chuckle

  19. Margaret

    The fact that this arrived so early in the day was an upfront give-away! Noticed that right away.

    You two are great fun and even better help and guidance with our pcs. Thank you Darcy and TC!

  20. Nancy

    Got me, If it had been from any site but yours, I would never have fallen for it.


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