How to Backup Your Gmail and Google Account(s)

By | December 14, 2021
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How to Backup Your Gmail and Google Account(s)

Google has your data backed up in several locations – in modern, environmentally-controlled data centers with security as tight as Fort Knox. If you’re not from the USA, Fort Knox makes gelatin – Knox Gelatin. I’m just kidding. And the chances that Google will ever lose your data are as slim as the odds of Darcy and TC  becoming millionaires. But nothing is 100% certain when you’re dealing with computers, servers, and/or big companies.

But despite the fact we are 99% certain that Google is not going to lose your data it can and does happen. We think that it’s prudent to backup important data to an external drive. If the sun has 1800-style solar flares and they knock out all electronics and the internet, you can access all your email – not that you’ll need it, since you won’t have the power to run your computer unless you have a generator.

Yes, we are running on and on because we don’t want to strike fear into your hearts. We just want to show you how to back up all your Gmail and other data you store on Google services. We think it’s wise for you to do this. The choice, of course, is yours.

It’s very easy to backup your Google account on your local computer. Here’s how:

First, make sure you’re logged into the Gmail or Google Account you want to back up. Then visit the following page to access Google Takeout:

That link takes your right to the page where you can choose your Google data

Cloudeight InfoAve

Cloudeight InfoAve

Cloudeight InfoAve

Above: Slide the switches to select the Google Data you want to include in your backup archive and then click “Next”.

After you click “Next”, you’ll be allowed to select the file type of your data backup (we strongly suggest you leave it set to .zip format. Zip files can be opened on almost any computer. Then you can select how you want your data backup archive delivered. We suggest you download you select “Send download link via email”. That way you can save it to your local drive. Once you have it stored locally you can add it to One Drive, Dropbox or Google Drive later on.

Cloudeight InfoAve

Then click “Create archive”. Note it may take hours or days before receiving your backup – it all depends on how much data you have in your Gmail and Google Accounts.

If you choose to have the file sent to you by email… keep in mind that some mail providers have a limit on the size of attachment they permit. If your attachment is bigger than that limit, you may not receive your backup file by email. If you choose “Add to Drive” Google will place the backup in your Google account on Google Drive. You can easily download it to your computer from there. Or if you have Dropbox or OneDrive with enough available space, you can choose one of those options as well.

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    I have a very good set up with Windows 10. I have lots of memory. What I would like to know is, If I buy a new hard drive tower and have Windows 11 on it could I change the new hard drive to be D driveso I could still keep the computer I have right now C drive? I am 78 right now and my learning is a little slower now. I want to keep the computer I am using now and learn the new windows 11 at a slower pase? Is this possible?


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