How to Get a List of All Gmail Shortcuts

By | June 30, 2017
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How to Get a List of All Gmail Shortcuts

Gmail has a lot of nifty and useful shortcuts that you can use in Gmail and in Google chats. And you don’t need to memorize them because they’re only a shortcut away. You can bring up a list of all Gmail shortcuts instantly by pressing just two keys.

Open your Gmail account in your browser. Now press Shift + ?  (press & hold down your Shift key and tap the question mark key) and you’ll see this:

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All those Gmail shortcuts right at your fingertips. And all you have to remember is Shift + ?.

Pretty cool, eh?  Shortcuts save time. Now you’re a Gmail power user!


3 thoughts on “How to Get a List of All Gmail Shortcuts

  1. Norma Allardice

    Thank you once again. You are so clever, helpful and funny.
    My friend Hazel introduced me to you years ago until she got sick and I joined myself.
    I have a nice big fat file that I keep all your tips in after trying them out first.

  2. Sandi and Roger Bailey

    Am using gmail, but thru an app called EasyMail for Gmail. I love gmail, but is there a way to get Gmail on our
    Desktop, Start Menu and Taskbar, so when we click on it, it goes right to the Inbox ??
    I can get to Gmail by signing in to our Google account, but everytime we have to sign in.
    Using Windows 10 Creator, IE, and Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Please reply to my email…..
    I have eye problems and can’t search thru all of your info, blog or forums……
    We love your website and all the helpful tips and info…. yours in the only site we have come across
    that give honest direct info without loads of ads…… thanks for being there…

    1. infoave Post author

      You can set Gmail as your homepage in your browser then create shortcuts for your browser on your desktop, Start menu and taskbar. I am not sure why you have to log in every time, unless you have your browser set to clear cookies when you close it, or your shutting your computer down every day (neither one is necessary). If typing in your username and password is a problem, why not use a password manager like LastPass that auto fills the username & password?

      We find it easier to check our Gmail accounts in an email program, like Thunderbird. That way you don’t have to log into Gmail at all, yet you have access to all your email; you can reply, forward, delete, or archive mail. And whenever you open Thunderbird (or other mail program) you’ll instantly see your Gmail inbox. And if you have more than one Gmail account you can check them too- all without switching accounts.

      Lots of solutions. I don’t find EasyMail an effective solution for desktopping Gmail. It’s just like having a browser open – plus, if you have more than one email account, you have to keep switching the account to see the mail.

      Hope this gives you some ideas.


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