If It Ain’t Broke…Don’t Fix It

By | June 16, 2012
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Installing drivers you don’t need might cause unexpected problems
All Windows users

We’ve had hundreds of rewarding Cloudeight Direct Computer Care sessions since we started our computer repair service. And we have learned a lot about how people use their computers and even more about common concerns. During our visits to other computers around the world we’ve seen a lot of problems caused by programs which constantly search for and install the latest hardware drivers. And it sounds like a jolly good idea, right? In theory, you’d think that installing new drivers for your devices would be the thing to do. But in practice it can sometimes lead to some really bad things.

The more computers we see the more we realize that the best thing we can say about updating drivers is: Don’t do it unless your device isn’t working properly. If your printers, mice, display, scanners, etc. are working fine, don’t install new drivers just because their new drivers. Installing drivers is serious business and a bad driver or one that’s not compatible with your computer’s unique environment may cause you all kinds of problems.

The time to worry about new drivers is when one of your hardware devices isn’t working as it should. A new driver could definitely help you in that situation. But if all is well, leave well enough alone.

The old adage…”If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is a good rule of thumb for all of us computer users to remember when it comes to updating drivers, at least.

4 thoughts on “If It Ain’t Broke…Don’t Fix It

  1. Don Barness

    Thank you much for this very useful message!
    Ive been extremely reluctant to use any driver update software. After reading this I simply won’t do it, and as soon as I send this to you I’m gonna remove any software that does so (I have at least one freeware I’ve used only once, and never did install the updates it provided).
    I do have a DVD with 50,000 drivers on it, and did need to use it when an install of Windows failed to install the drivers for a couple devices. I’ll keep that DVD for future use, hoping I never need to use it again.

  2. Donna Mae

    I’m OK as far as Drivers are concerned– thanks to your advice one other time— BUT I am waiting to find the time to use my “Fix All” (and will soon). I have a hard time resisting some of the freebee’s and I need to have a clean-up day. I download them and then in a few day’s I forget what I wanted them for. The cause of this malady is too many birthday’s. Looking forward to cleaning day. You two are the Best.
    You know what? I don’t think this comment should be in this post. Thanks anyway.

  3. Muriel

    Thanks for this article, TC. It makes me rest easier about my laziness in updating drivers the scans suggest.
    I’ve always felt negligent in the hardware updates, but
    everything is still working fine so I’ll leave ’em alone.

    Someday, will you please discuss BIOS driver updates?

  4. Jennie Peters

    Oh, how I agree with the advice – If all is well do nowt! In the past I’ve paid for many Driver downloads and also had ‘Free’ updates. Some were ok, but the majority caused chaos on my computer and I always thought it was my fault not installing them correctly until I read some reveiws. Don’t be tempted or it could be very costly!


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