If You Love to Read, You’ll Love “What Should I Read Next?”

By | June 7, 2022
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If You Love to Read, You’ll Love “What Should I Read Next?”

Cloudeight Site Pick - What Should I Read Next

Both of us are voracious readers. We both love books and reading is one of our favorite things to do. Nothing like sitting outside under a shady tree in the summertime, reading a good book, and sipping an ice-cold beer. Sorry, EB. I meant a nice big tall frosty glass of chocolate milk.

Do you know what the biggest problem with reading is? It’s when you finish reading an exceptionally good book. Super-good books make it difficult to find the next good book to read. Why? Well, because if you just finished reading an amazing book, how do you find one that could ever measure up to it?

We normally stumble around and find the next great book eventually, but sometimes not without a few misfires in between. Usually, this means downloading sample books from Amazon and sometimes slogging through the first few chapters hoping the book gets better. But I don’t like slogging through chapters in slow-starting books. I like to be smacked in the noggin right from the opening sentence.

“Jackie wouldn’t put up with him… not one more second! So she took an egg and a candle and put them both inside a large, dirty red sock. ‘That’ll teach that nincompoop’, she slathered.”

Why can’t authors think of opening sentences like that one? I just made that up, but I bet you’d love to know where that was going, right?

As usual, I’m wavering off-topic, so I digress.

The problem with great books is that it makes it hard to find the next great book. Expectations run high. We have found a site whose sole purpose is to give you tons of suggestions for your next great read.

Just type in the title of the book and click and voila!

Cloudeight Site Pick - What Should I Read Next

You’ll find suggestions for other books to read. You can sift through the list — each suggestion has keywords about the book’s content. You also have an option to click “Info/Buy” to read more about the book and get reviews on Amazon. Now, just because it has the word “Buy” in it does not mean you have to buy anything. 

I just get the titles from here and then flip on my tablet, head to Amazon and get the book for Kindle. Almost always you can get a free sample of the book with the first chapter or two. if you’re an avid reader you already know that you can’t always tell how good a book’s going to be by reading the first couple of chapters, but more often than not, if I’m sleeping before the end of chapter one, that book’s not going to wake me up later.

Enough of this. This site is so simple to use that I bet I could teach a chimpanzee to use it in less than 5 minutes – if he/she already knew how to type.

The name of the site is “What Should I Read Next?”.

If you love to read as much as we do, visit our site pick, type in the name of a book you like, and in a few seconds you’ll (usually) you’ll get several — or sometimes dozens of suggestions for books to read next.

Hop to it. Get reading!

Visit our site pick “What Should I Read Next” right now! 

2 thoughts on “If You Love to Read, You’ll Love “What Should I Read Next?”

  1. Anna M. Cumming

    Robert Ludlum books have long been favorites of me and my husband. On our trips to the bookstore, we looked for new Ludlum publications first. On one such trip the new publication was, Road To Gandlofo.
    Of all our reading friends, although they had read Ludlum books, never heard of this one. Needless to say,
    this book got passed around so many times it simply fell apart.
    I would love to know if you have ever read Road To Gondalfo (you are probably too young). I believe it was
    either the late seventies or early eighties when I read it….forgive me for not remembering the date; being almost ninety years young, it is hard to put dates into the proper framework.

    Thank you for reminding me of some wonderful Ludlum books I have read. Also want to thank you for all the daily articles which are so helpful to me (which at my age has left me out of this woderful world of computers).

    Have a wonderful summer everyone,

    Anna M. Cumming

  2. Jackie Keesee

    When I was younger I would read until 2 or 3 in the morning and get up at 6:30 to get ready for work. Needless to say I no longer do it. I get my library books online and never have to pay dues because the book disappear in 21 days. I read on my Kindle and listen to audio books too. I cannot imagine life without books at all. What does one do to relax? I started reading as a litle girl and if things at home were not great it was an escape I think. One book I read 3 times was The Jungle by Sinclair Lewis. One of the benefits of reading is I am a pretty good speller. I will surely use this sight.
    Jackie Keesee


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