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By | April 8, 2011
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Creating Folders on Desktop

Our last iPad tip taught you how to create a website bookmark shortcut on your desktop.  Over time, you may have several website shortcuts on your desktop, so its time to create a folder to hold them all and have less clutter.

  • Create two or more desktop website bookmarks. In our example below, we created one for Cloudeight and one for Facebook.
  • Drag one of the shortcuts onto the top of the other and you will see a folder created called “Bookmarks”
  • Give your folder a  new name, or leave it with the default name “Bookmarks”. We will call ours Web Sites
  • Tap the home key. Now you will see your folder on your desktop!  You can create several folders if you have several bookmarks if you want to categorize them.
  • You can create folders from anything, including apps, you have on your desktop/homescreens by dragging two icons on top of each other. I have another called “News” and it holds all of my news apps. Also, don’t forget.. you have 7 home screens you can create so stay organized!
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