It’s Time to Say Thank You… Again

By | April 7, 2022
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It’s Time to Say Thank You… Again

We started our small business 25 years ago. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been on the Web for such a long time. In terms of technology, 25 years is a very, very long time.

When we started, we were just one of tens of thousands of “mom & pop” sites that were popping up all over the Web. Back in those days, the Web was mostly mom and pops sites like Cloudeight. Why? Because there was no real money to be made on the Internet – the Web was almost entirely free and more of a curiosity than the necessity it has become.

And, sadly, over the years, we have watched many of those mom and pop sites die as the web became, like so many other things in this world, all about the money. The folks that owned the mom and pop sites poured their hearts and souls and love into them and were forced to abandon their dreams and walk away. The trail of tears those folks left behind is long enough to circle the globe many times.

We know all this because we have been around so long and we’ve watched it all happen. We have seen the Internet go from a place where people freely shared ideas and software and friendship to a place driven by money and power.

We have seen the Internet fo from a time when the Internet was but a curiosity and used only by a few “nerdy types”, (like Darcy & TC, to today, where the Internet is a necessity and a multi-billion-dollar economic dynamo. The Internet has now become so important that the world, its governments, and its financial institutions could not run without it.

We have watched as big money and big corporations smothered or gobbled up everything on the Web, until today, big money and big business control almost all of it. Small mom and pops sites like ours are a rare and endangered species.

But we have promised you that we will never go quietly or gently into that good night.

We still fight the good fight. We pull no punches and tell you the truth as we see it. We’ve butted heads with multi-million-dollar sites that made their fortunes by tricking unsuspecting users into buying their worthless products or downloading malicious freeware.

We have exposed dozens of tech support and TV scams. We’ve worked to protect you from those who try to induce you into buying snake oil by using slick, professionally produced TV commercials designed to sell you one-click miracle PC fixers and snake-oil software. We worked endlessly to inform you about and keep you safe from tech support scams that use counterfeit Microsoft warning popups, loud noises, flashing lights, and other slick web advertising tricks to convince you to click on links or call toll-free numbers to try to steal your money or your identity – or both.

We fight for the truth, we fight for you, and we fight every day to provide you with the best computer care & repair service you’ll find anywhere.

And every week, we answer dozens of emails asking for computer help and we answer every single one of them.

We have turned down tens of thousands of dollars in commissions because we refuse to recommend or sell anything we don’t believe in and wouldn’t use on our computers.

Many times we’ve turned down lucrative offers to endorse and promote software. Not too long ago, we turned down an offer that would have paid us $70 per sale. This would have ensnared our subscribers and our friends into the world of scamware subscriptions. We never gave it a second thought. We turned the offer down without a second thought.

We would never sell out you for $7 or $70 or $700 or $7000. We have seen many other tech sites that don’t mind recommending that kind of scamware though. They’re probably raking in a lot of money now, but you know, at least we can sleep at night.

It seems every couple of weeks, some company or another writes and wants to make a deal with us to recommend their products. We could be recommending something new to you every couple of weeks. But that’s not how we do things. We won’t sell you out. We refuse to sell something we would not use ourselves, no matter how much money we could make or how much we need the money.

You’ll notice that the number of products we recommend and endorse is rather sparse. Emsisoft and Reg Organizer are both top-notch products with superior support – we recommend them both and we use both on our personal and business computers.

We truly believe our Cloudeight Direct Computer Care service is the best remote computer care & repair service anywhere. We offer personal support and excellent prices. Our Cloudeight Direct Computer Care services provide us with some income. In 2018, we introduced SeniorPass to make our computer care service even more affordable for those who are 55 or older.

And honestly, if we could afford it, we’d provide free computer care and repair to everyone. And we do provide email support to as many people as we can. We help hundreds of people every month who write to us for answers to their computer questions and problems. We do this willingly – we really do love helping people with their computer problems and answering their computer questions.

And we always give you our best. We will only recommend to you the best products and services. We will never sell you out because we need the money… we’d close up shop and go out of business before we’d betray your trust.

So it’s time, once again, to thank those of you who help us with your donations – whether they are $5, $25, $50, or $100, we appreciate you and the help you give us, more than you know. There is no thank you big enough, nor any words heartfelt enough to tell you how much we appreciate you and the help you give us.

We think that the best way to thank you then, isn’t with just words, but to promise you that we will keep fighting for you and keep trying to keep you safe. And not in the typical ways of this day and age – sensationalism and scaring you – but rather by informing you. We don’t believe in sensationalism and we don’t believe in clickbait. We believe the best way to keep you safe is by informing you and by telling you the truth.

Although we try hard to thank each one of you who donates receives a personal thank you – we just want to make sure all of you who help us know how much we appreciate your generosity, kindness, support, and your friendship.

You don’t know how much your help means to us. Without your donations and your friendship, we wouldn’t be here. We’d be just another mom and pop site that faded away into that sad abyss of faded dreams and lost hope.

From the bottom of our hearts…

Thank you all so very much!

Help us to help you!

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3 thoughts on “It’s Time to Say Thank You… Again

  1. Chase

    Darcy and TC, Your continuous kindness and helpful solutions are assets few possess. Thank you for all that you do for all of us throughout the world. You both set a great example for us fans to follow. (Chase)

  2. Sharon Langdon

    In this day and age, people like you and Darcy are rare indeed. I’m so very proud to “know” you both. I have complete trust in your advice and recommendations and in working on my computer. I actually would not let anyone else touch my computer. I hope you can continue to be around for all of us as long as we need you. Bless you both!

  3. Sue

    Thank you both so very much for all you do for the followers you have. I for one appreciate you both so very much. I shutter to think what would happen to all of us if we did not use your site and follow your advice. I love the work you do when I need you both to work on my desktop. So a great big thank you to both of you!!! So I will be giving my donation today,


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