Make Your Own Comic Books and More!

By | September 12, 2023
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Make Your Own Comic Books and More!

We’re not going to waste a lot of words on this because this is one site pick you just have to see for yourself. It’s about as simple as it gets. Just visit the site, type in your storyline for your comic book, select your layout and style (Modern American, 1950s American, etc.), and go. The AI Comic Factory will generate comic book images and pages based on your story or description.

Here’s a single-panel comic of good ol’ TC & EB taking a break at the old grist mill.

AI Comic Factory - Cloudeight InfoAve

AI Comic Factory is free to use although premium services (not free) are available. The better the input (your story) the better the output (the comic book, comic panels, and/or images) will be. But it’s free so you can create as much as you want and succeed by trial-and-error! And even if you don’t create a masterpiece, you’ll still have fun.

AI Comic Factory - Cloudeight InfoAve

I made the entry “An old, homeless, man, a little boy, and an angel” and this is what the AI Comic Factory conjured up.Β  If you want a really good comic book, you’ll need a really good, detailed story.

AI Comic Factory - Cloudeight InfoAve

Now, before you run off and create a comic book, we’re going to let the developers of AI Comic Factory tell you a little more about it.

What is the AI Comic Factory?

The AI Comic Factory is a free and open-source application made to demonstrate the capabilities of AI models.

πŸ‘‰ The language model used to generate the descriptions of each panel is Llama-2 70b.

πŸ‘‰ The stable diffusion model used to generate the images is the base SDXL 1.0.

The code is public and can be deployed at home with some changes in the code. See the README for details about the architecture.

Do you want to create high-res image exports? Please check this tutorial.

There’s really not much more we can tell you about theΒ  AI Comic Factory. You’ll need to see for yourself. Just visit this page and in a couple of minutes you’ll be creating something – how good it will be depends on you, the story you want to tell, and the AI Comic Factory.

You might not ever be a comic book artist but you’ll have a lot of fun – just wait and see.

Visit the AI Comic Factory right now and have fun.


3 thoughts on “Make Your Own Comic Books and More!

  1. Muriel Schlecht

    Hey TC you’ve written some excellent descriptive essays from your life. Have you thought of plugging one of them into this site-pick? Bet you have already!


    1. infoave Post author

      Never gave it a thought. Some of my ramblings would probably break the comic book site πŸ™‚

  2. L.S.

    Gave it a try and came up with some fairly good results. What fun!
    Also got a kick out of some of the errors that are rendered…like a cat with two tails and human hands. Funny!


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