Microsoft To Do

By | September 17, 2020
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Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do

Note: Our sincere thanks to Ron for bringing this excellent application to our attention. We tested Microsoft To Do and found it to be one of the best and easiest to use to-do list programs we’ve ever tried.

There must be at least 25 to-do list programs available, some free and some not. Microsoft To Do is free and it’s one of the simplest and easiest to use to-do apps we’ve ever tested.  It’s very intuitive, you don’t need to read any help pages or tutorials to get started. But if you do need help, Microsoft To Do offers all kinds of customer support, including help pages, tutorials, tips, and more. Given the simplicity of Microsoft To Do, it’s surprising they offer such a wide array of customer support.

Microsoft To Do is available for Windows, Apple, and Android devices. You can share your to-do lists between all your devices. You will need to have a Microsoft account to use Microsoft To Do, if you don’t have one you can get one free here. Just click on the “Create free account” button.

We’ll let Microsoft tell you what you can do with Microsoft To Do since they know the app much better than we do – because they made it!

Microsoft To Do: Lists, Tasks & Reminders

Got something on your mind? Get Microsoft To Do. Whether you want to increase your productivity, decrease your stress levels, or just free up some mental space, Microsoft To Do makes it easy to plan your day and manage your life.

With Microsoft To Do, you can:

• Stay focused with My Day, a personalized daily planner with suggested tasks
• Get your lists anywhere, on any device
• Share lists and assign tasks with your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates
• Personalize your lists with bold and colorful backgrounds
• Set one-time or recurring due dates and reminders
• Break your tasks into manageable steps
• Add notes to any task
• Attach files up to 25 MB to any task
• Sync your tasks between Outlook and To Do
• Group your lists together by topic or project

Whether it’s for work, school, or home, To Do helps you organize and simplify your plans. To Do is free and available on all your devices.

Now, how about a few screenshots from our testing of Microsoft To Do?

MS To Do + Cloudeight Freeware Pick
Above: MS To Do has a quite simple and attractive interface.  The intuitive design makes it easy to use even if you’ve never used it before.

MS To Do + Cloudeight Freeware Pick
You can add as many of your own task lists to it as you need. Note in the screenshot above we added a section called Cloudeight Sessions.

And as you can see in the screenshot above and below, you can change the appearance of Microsoft To Do by changing its background picture or color,

MS To Do + Cloudeight Freeware Pick

So, if you’ve been looking for an easy-to-use to-do list program that has just about all the features you would even need, you’ll want to try Microsoft To Do. You can get Microsoft To Do for Windows free from the Microsoft Store. If you need help with Microsoft To Do there are help pages, guides, tutorials, and more available from Microsoft here.

Wait! What about MS To Do for Android and Apple devices?

You can get Microsoft To Do for your Android device(s) here

And you can get Microsoft To Do for your Apple device(s) here.

And thanks again, Ron, for suggesting Microsoft To Do!

2 thoughts on “Microsoft To Do

  1. Joyce Linsenmeyer

    When i click onto the link for the microsoft store and then click to download a box pops up and it has a address in it and under the address is the following
    When I click the one that says Open In External Application it comes up with a box that says…
    Something went wrong.
    Help how do i get this…..Thanks

    1. infoave Post author

      This is only for Windows 10. If you’re using Windows 10 then you may have a problem with the Microsoft Store App. You can repair it by going to Settings > Apps > Apps & features and finding Microsoft Store. Click it, click “Advanced options”. In Advanced options choose “Reset”.


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