Microsoft’s July 2020 Patch Fixes 123 bugs – 18 of Them are Critical

By | July 15, 2020
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Microsoft’s July 2020 Patch Fixes 123 bugs – 18 of Them are Critical

Patch Tuesday

For Windows users, the second Tuesday of each month is known as Patch Tuesday. 

The July 2020 “Patch Tuesday” patch fixes 123 vulnerabilities – 18 of those are listed as “Critical”. The other 105 patches are labeled important. None of the vulnerabilities have yet been exploited “in the wild” — i.e outside of testing labs.

The patch fixes bugs in a wide array of Microsoft products including Windows 10, Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Word, Office Services, Windows Defender, OneDrive, and more. 

Problems with the Patch

We recommend you delay installing the July 2020 Patch Tuesday patches for 7 days. Users are reporting some issues with some of the patches. But please remember that you must install the patches to be safe.

Why? Miscreants study the details of the vulnerabilities published by Microsoft and attempt to craft malware to exploit some of them. While this does not happen overnight, you must install the July patches within a week or two. Please do not skip them. If you do you’ll be vulnerable to exploits. 

How to delay the updates for 7 days

1. Right-click on the Start button
2. Click Settings
3. Click Update & Security
4. Click “Windows Update” (in the menu on the left)

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips

For technical information and to learn more about the July Patch Tuesday patch and to see what problems users are reporting, see this page


3 thoughts on “Microsoft’s July 2020 Patch Fixes 123 bugs – 18 of Them are Critical

  1. Fay

    Too late for me to delay. They were installed several hours ago. 😒

  2. Doug CALLIES

    Holy! Cats! so much to be aware of and keep up on… little memory , to late of response.


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