More things you might not know about Gmail

By | June 12, 2011
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1. Did you know that attachments sent in formats that Google Documents can read can be opened directly in your browser when you’re using a Gmail address? They can. And the list includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and RTF files. No additional software needed, Gmail can open them automatically.

2. When you receive or send attached image files (JPEG, GIF or PNG) formats, Gmail users get the option to download the attached file or view it in their browser. You can also download or playback MP3 files directly in Gmail.

3. Once you’ve configured Gmail to receive messages from another account – what do you do with your old inbox? Google Email Uploader has a solution for that. The Google Email Uploader enables you to transfer all the old emails stored in your Outlook, Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird email account to a Gmail account. Gmail will even create labels from your folder names and preserve the folder structure from your email program. It’s really a great way to backup those important folders and messages.

4. Press Shift while clicking on “Compose Mail” and it will open the new message in a different window. This is especially useful when you want to review several emails while composing an email or answering email.

If you still don’t have a Gmail account, you can get one free at

2 thoughts on “More things you might not know about Gmail

  1. Virginia Fruge

    In Gmail, when emails come in with pictures. When forwarded on to other addressees, the pictures do NOT open for them. They get a square box with red x in it. Is there any way that Gmail can fix this. I used to be able to send pics along but as I’m in the Google Chrome, possibly that’s why they don’t go through. Maybe you can help Thanks


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