More Windows 10 Windows Key Shortcuts

By | April 12, 2018
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More Windows 10 Windows Key Shortcuts

Windows Key
Opens the Start menu or Start screen.

Windows Key+L
Locks your PC.

Windows Key+D
Minimizes all open windows on the desktop and brings the desktop into focus

Windows Key+A
Opens and closes the Windows 10 Action Center.

Windows Key+S
Opens Windows search .

Windows Key+C
Opens Cortana in listening mode

Windows Key+E
Opens File Explorer

Windows Key+I
Opens the Settings screen

Windows Key+R
Opens a Run command.

Windows Key+X
Opens the “Power menu”

Windows Key+K
Opens the Connect menu so you can search for wireless devices.

Windows Key+M
Minimizes all open windows and brings the desktop into focus

Windows Key+T
Cycles through all open programs.

Windows Key+, (comma)
Let’s you peek at the desktop.

6 thoughts on “More Windows 10 Windows Key Shortcuts

  1. Dorith


    A few days ago I got a scare ~ All of a sudden the colors disappeared and the screen showed in black and white.

    It turned out that by accident I had clicked Control + Win Key + C. Repeating this combination brought color back into my life.

    I thought it worthwhile to mention this shortcut, just in case this scare happens to someone else.

    All the best, Dorith

    1. infoave Post author

      Hi Dorith. I never knew this. I don’t think we’ll list it as a shortcut but we’ll sure let people know! Wait! I think you just did… but we’ll include your comments in our newsletter next week. I still learn something new almost every day after all these years. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Peggy Dorgan

    When I use the Windows key to open the start menu I don’t get what I pinned to the start menu. I use Start Is Back. (I’m old & I don’t like change) Would that be the cause?

    1. infoave Post author

      Where are you looking on your start menu? In Windows 10 there are two parts – the list of apps and then you have modified tabs.

      1. Peggy Dorgan

        Aha. I found them. Maybe I will try being adventuress & uninstall Start Is Back.

  3. Virginia

    I always find something I didn’t know about in these lists – keep ’em coming Cloudeight,
    and Thank You!


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